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The Ultimate Guide on How to Encourage Self-Service Among Customers

With self-service, customers generally fly through. It will save time and money, unless the order is complex. Harry Balzer, Vice President, NPD Group Let your customers sail (or fly) through a self-service knowledge base of your organization. A sturdy knowledge base will help you foster self-service among your customers. How? Let’s find out here. If...
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Weed Out Knowledge Hoarding and Make Information Accessible at Your Business

Do you have employees in your business who keep all the answers to themselves? Coveting information is never good for business. All too often, I see employees who prefer to hoard knowledge so they can be known as the go-to-people. When it comes to business survival, you need employees who are willing to work together...
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How to Acquire and Apply Knowledge Acquisition in Your Organization

Large companies with complex organizational structure—thus, a repository of disparate knowledge across its various business units—should leverage knowledge acquisition to improve their overall efficiency. Although knowledge acquisition is commonly associated with a manufacturing company’s research and development goal, it can be utilized also for other business processes, namely: I.T., operations and, to a degree, customer...
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The Future of Knowledge Management in Education

The past few decades in education have witnessed a respectable trend away from Behaviorism and towards more Constructivist pedagogies in the classroom. Rather than engaging students in repetitive “drill & kill” exercises with scantron exams, the thinking goes, we should be assigning more collaborative, project-based activities that encourage students to seek their own knowledge. State...
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4 Types of Knowledge Based Content Every Business Should Create

The Future ain’t what it used to be. Wise words indeed. This quote has been widely attributed to Baseball player Yogi Berra. I guess what he was saying is that things don’t stand still and what was true yesterday may not hold true today. And if it changes you’re looking for, then look no further...
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What is Knowledge Management Software?

Knowledge can be defined as the intellectual understanding or familiarity with a concept, subject or situation. Knowledge is divided into two categories. These are tacit and explicit knowledge. Tacit refers to personal knowledge developed over a period through experience, interacting with people, and trial and error. Individuals possess tacit knowledge. Explicit knowledge, on the other...
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How to Build a Powerful Customer Service Knowledge Base

“I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, ‘Where’s the self-help section?’ She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.” ― George Carlin What image does your mind conjure when you think about customer service? A support agent hammering away on his keyboard trying to close all tickets? Or phone support? Or...
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Knowledge Base Software – the ‘Why to Use’ Expert Roundup

Today, when people only demand access to accurate information, a rich, broad Knowledge Base is an absolute necessity. A self- serving, centralized repository of information about a product, service, department or topic, a Knowledge Base is one of the most accessible and most affordable ways to keep customers happy. It contains data that could come...
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Breaking Language Barriers With a Multilingual Knowledge Base

Businesses have gone global these days; not only geographically, but also in terms of their customer base. Given the staggering growth a global business promises, business owners can’t be restricted to a single city or even country. Expanding cross country is the way to go; however, it comes with its set of challenges. As geography...
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