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Top 12 Help Authoring Software Solutions and Tools in 2020

Modern customers, by and large, are speed demons.  They need intelligently-designed self-service platforms that can provide help in a few clicks and swipes.  What happens when you fail to meet their expectations? Your hard-earned customers turn to your competitors for a better, fulfilling experience.  You can prevent that from happening by taking ‘help’ closer to...
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Knowledge Transfer – What it is & How to Achieve it?

Organizations face the risk of knowledge loss when talented employees retire, resign, or are sacked.  The insights and expertise they gain during their tenure is an enormous asset. In an interdependent work culture, this knowledge loss may lead to a more inefficient workforce and potentially broken internal processes.  You might have seen managers hustle at...
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Effective Tips to Cultivate a Collaborative Work Culture

“Team collaboration is key to business success” – how many times have you heard and used this sentence during meetings and conferences?  Innumerable times, right?  But, is this concept implemented with the same seriousness as it is spoken about?  Often, organizations fall victim to knowledge silos when teams aren’t given a collaborative work environment. This...
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How to Create a Comprehensive Operations Manual for Your Employees

Human errors are inevitable, and they can be detrimental to your business. Skip a step in the product development process, and you will have a defective product. Go wrong with the recruitment process, and you might lose talented candidates. Don’t follow the sales guidelines, and potential customers will switch to a competitor.  How do you...
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Knowledge Management in Healthcare: A Prerequisite for Flawless Health Services

An overwhelming amount of data is generated every day in the healthcare sector. Global healthcare data is expected to reach a whopping 2314 exabytes in 2020. That’s the equivalent of more than 2 trillion laptops worth of data.  Clearly, healthcare is a data-intensive industry given the constant research on advanced procedures, new treatments, and emerging...
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6 Metrics to Measure & Improve Self-Service Effectiveness

Today’s customers crave seamless self-service experiences. They like to be in the driver’s seat and want services on their terms. That’s precisely why 92% of customers expect brands to provide a self-service portal.  It empowers them to solve problems quickly and conveniently.  The question is, Are your customers receiving the self-service experiences they expect from...
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7 Tips to Craft a Sales Enablement Strategy That Actually Works

What is the ultimate goal of any business? To sell, earn revenue, and build lasting relationships with customers.  All of this is directly dependent on those in the front line, i.e., your sales soldiers. They fight and fall multiple times to drive customers to the point where they happily want to do business with you....
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Improve Your Human Resources Operations With HR Documentation

Do you remember the last time you checked in on the HR executives only to find that they are almost always away from their work stations?   That’s the order of the day for HR professionals. Since their work revolves around employees, they are left with no choice but to hustle across the length and breadth...
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7 Powerful Customer Service Channels You Simply Can’t Ignore

“There is no substitute for rock-solid customer service. You provide it or you don’t. Period!” Customer service – Do it right, and you can win customers’ hearts, increase sales, and create a positive growth graph for your business.  Going wrong with it can negatively impact your growth.  One of the many things that differentiate excellent...
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Wow Your Audience With Engaging Knowledge Base Videos

Video has become one of the most cost-effective ways to promote, train, and support customers. If used the right way, it can both save you money and make you money. – Shep Hyken Video is the new BIG THING. If you aren’t using videos to improve customer experience, you’re probably missing out on a lot...
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