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Organizational Learning – The Key to Survive, Sustain & Succeed

Are you one of those organizations struggling with stagnant growth and stunted innovation?  Well, it’s time you took your organization towards the learning curve and changed for the better.  At a time when the competition is at its peak, technology is advancing, and customer preferences constantly shifting, sticking to old ways is extremely risky. The...
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10 Leading User Documentation Examples to Inspire You

Do you have a flawless product but still receive customer complaints?  If yes, chances are you don’t have user documentation, or if you have one, it’s not up to the mark.  It’s not just the design or features that make a product or service successful. Comprehensive user documentation plays a crucial role in realizing your...
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How Knowledge Management System Improves Customer Experiences

Gone are the days when product and price dictated a company’s success.  89% of companies today compete solely on the basis of customer experience. In this digital world, customers are in the driving seat, you need to pivot towards crafting exceptional experiences to stand strong with your heads held high.  What if you don’t work...
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How to Create a Knowledge Base: Step by Step Guide

Whether you are an established business or a startup, constantly rising ticket volume can test your patience and give you sleepless nights. Are you looking for a quick solution to this perpetual challenge?  Well, it’s time you brought a strategic change in your business processes and altered the way you approach customer support.  Unlike some...
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Knowledge Management System: The Complete Guide with Examples

In today’s digital age, businesses are bursting with data. This data guides everything that happens in your company.  For example:  The support you provide to customers depends on your knowledge of their pain points and the challenges they face.  Your products are developed and improved by your team’s in-depth knowledge about the subject.  The way...
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How to Create Awesome Internal Documentation: A Complete Guide

Ever wondered what’s keeping your employees disengaged and unproductive at work?  It can be a lack of a structured information flow that leads to poor communication.  We all know what happens next.  Employees end up making poor business decisions that can change your company’s fate.  This means you need to work internally to prevent information...
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Must-Follow Best Practices to Create an Internal Wiki for Your Company

How can employees access your business knowledge if it’s cornered in some files and folders?   When information isn’t available at the time when employees need it the most, it fails to be of real help.  Information silos can wreak havoc on your organization. It can affect employees’ ability to collaborate, innovate, and make quick, informed...
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Content Management Vs. Knowledge Management : Differences Revealed

Turning piles of data into valuable information dominates the key business goals today.  This is because the information is a strategic asset that can help companies contain costs and develop a competitive advantage.  What happens if this information is not managed properly?  It can hurt employee productivity, negatively impacting decision making, and costing you millions...
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8 Steps to Creating Great End User Documentation

Your products are beyond brilliance. They are feature-rich, powerful, and intelligently designed to fulfill customer needs.  But simply creating stellar products doesn’t guarantee great customer experiences. Your customers should be able to use the product successfully, with minimum hassles. That’s when you can proudly say – “We have achieved our ultimate goal – customer delight.”...
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How to Build an Employee Self-Service Portal – Tips & Tricks

Companies are so laser-focused on their customers’ journey that they forget about the employees working behind the curtains and getting things done.  Like customers, employees too, form the heartbeat of an organization. It’s their right to enjoy a pleasant work experience that helps them give their cent percent to the tasks at hand.  Technical roadblocks,...
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