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Top 10 Bloomfire Alternatives for 2021

Are you currently using Bloomfire but having second thoughts about it?  Do you want a smarter and more effective solution to your business requirements?  If that’s so, you’ve come to the right place.  Bloomfire is a great tool for internal knowledge management. It helps you tap into your most important resource, i.e., knowledge, and leverage...
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Corporate Wiki vs. Knowledge Base: Which One Is Best for Your Business?

It is a well-known fact that knowledge is a critical business asset. Behind every game-changing decision, successful deals, and powerful strategies, is the knowledge you have gained over the years. It’s this knowledge that creates enduring value for your company, employees, and customers.  Knowledge is inarguably a major driving force for continued business growth and...
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How to Create Powerful Sales Documentation to Support Your Sales Team

Today’s customers are opinionated, smart, and empowered. They are spoilt for choice. One poor experience and they can switch sides in a blink.  Nothing is hidden from customers – your achievements, downfalls, or secrets – it’s all there on the internet.  Gone are the days when a salesperson used to be the primary source of...
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How to Create an Internal Knowledge Base

When we look at our to-do list, all we want is some extra hours in a day, but is it really attainable?  Ever wondered if we could free up the time wasted on trivial tasks and use it for work that really matters?   Employees spend an inordinate amount of time every single day looking for...
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How to Create a Private Wiki: Complete Guide

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the word – wiki?  We all know the answer. It is Wikipedia.  You’d be surprised to know that Wikipedia is the 6th most-visited website worldwide. Innumerous people across the globe turn to Wikipedia to get the latest information about a variety of...
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15 Best FAQ Page Examples To Inspire Better Customer Support

Do you know why most FAQs fail?  They are either hard to access, difficult to understand, or painful to navigate.  The section that’s one of the most important in a website is usually ignored.  What an irony! There is no other place where visitors show how curious they are to learn about your offerings than...
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FAQ Page Best Practices: How to Optimize Your FAQ Section

When you are busy crafting marketing or customer service strategies, there is a bleak chance that FAQs will even cross your mind.  This is the story of almost every business.  An FAQ section is a hidden, underutilized tool on your website that constantly screams for attention but to no avail. It leads a life of...
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Top 15 Knowledge Management Trends to Keep You Ahead of the Curve

In this hyper-connected era, a Tsunami of knowledge is being generated and shared by organizations.   If estimates are to be believed, a mind-boggling 59 zettabytes of data was generated in the year 2020 alone.  But the bitter truth is that knowledge alone cannot work its magic.  Knowledge should be tied to action to deliver real...
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Organizational Learning – The Key to Survive, Sustain & Succeed

Are you one of those organizations struggling with stagnant growth and stunted innovation?  Well, it’s time you took your organization towards the learning curve and changed for the better.  At a time when the competition is at its peak, technology is advancing, and customer preferences constantly shifting, sticking to old ways is extremely risky. The...
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10 Leading User Documentation Examples to Inspire You

Do you have a flawless product but still receive customer complaints?  If yes, chances are you don’t have user documentation, or if you have one, it’s not up to the mark.  It’s not just the design or features that make a product or service successful. Comprehensive user documentation plays a crucial role in realizing your...
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