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Becoming an intellectual person requires a lot of things. You will need to devote your time to some things and be consistent about it. Intelligence is one of the properties of a functioning brain, and you should always strive to keep it healthy. If you really want to become an intellectual person, then you should be ready to learn always.

People learn new things because they want to add to their knowledge. If this becomes your own thinking and you are working towards it, in no time you will start seeing people coming to you because they want to increase their own knowledge.

While it seems some people are born with this property naturally, the fact is that it can also be improved on. Dedicate yourself to reading, especially about things you love most. Intellectual people are great readers. When you read, you see things in different ways because you are actually interacting with the knowledge of those who have seen things better than you do.

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Selfie is a self-portrait picture you take by having a camera in your direction at an arm's length. The term 'selfie' is all over everywhere because once you have your mobile phone, you can successfully take a selfie. However, the selfie is not only about focusing on one's phone. There are simple steps to take to make a good selfie - try to focus or look towards the camera, and as you are doing this, never forget to put on a smile. Smiling while taking a selfie is necessary because it makes you look more shine.

Another thing is, don't just place your phone camera or any camera directly in front of you, try to put the camera at a certain angle from aside. Also, try as much as possible to relax your face. And when you are set to click the selfie, make some adjustments with how you look by slightly viewing how you look on the screen.

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So far, the longest day of this year occurred on the 21st of June 2019. On this day, the sun brightened the sky longer than any other day. It signifies the emergence of the summer era. This year’s summer solstice arrived around 11:54 Eastern. On this day, the sun directs its rays as far as it can get through the north as such appearing over the tropic of cancer at 23.5 degrees north.

As a result of this occurrence, the sun takes its highest and longest path through the sky. It is essential to know that as the solstice remains the longest day of the year, we do not see our earliest sunset or sunrise on the same day, June 21. Scientifically, as we move closer to the North Pole, daylight hours increase, but the sun closer than ever in the sky. Basically, the summer solstice is the longest day of this year.

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Having a great sense of humor is one of the qualities that can grant you access to people's life. A lot of people naturally like those who are funny. However, how do you have a good sense of humor? It is very easy. First of all, you need to think of the various benefits that you are most likely to get when you have a good sense of humor. People with a good sense of humor don't have pain in them; they don't worry too much about things. Most times, they find it easy to make friends, and their social life is always okay. You need to think about all of these because it will help you to remain the focus.

You should also know that having a good sense of humor is not always referring to a funny person. Having a good sense of humor means you don't hold on to things as other people do. You make things simple by creatively representing them. At times, you need to say things that make you laugh inside, don't keep them to yourself. Finally, you can also become a person with a great sense of humor by watching people who are greatly skilled in doing so.

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Maintaining a balance between your professional life and personal life is arguably one of the most difficult things to do at times. Most times, it happens that you are only interested in your professional life while you pay little attention to your personal life.

However, this issue can be sorted out if you know how to balance the two. The first thing you are lacking is your indecisiveness in separating your work life from your personal life. Be firm in making a decision on which of the two needs your time most. When you are at work, you should always mean business and don't allow personal things to creep in.

In the same vein, you need to try and give more time to your personal life once you leave your working place. Failure to do this means you won't have time for your family because your professional life will always be demanding your attention. You need to set your priorities right; try to stick to any schedule you make. Try as much as possible to deal with procrastination.

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If you check the meaning of friendship in the dictionary, it will tell your friendship is the condition of being friends. As simple as this definition might sound to you, friendship, in its entirety is more than that. There are so many things that lead people into friendship. Many people find themselves in a relationship because of sexual activities; for some, it is because of love, affection, and trust.

True friendship is deeper than ordinary friendship. True friendship is one in which both individuals in friendship love, respect themselves, and they are ready to pay the needed sacrifices for the sake of that friendship unconditionally. A true friendship can also be determined if it can stand the test of time. You should count yourself lucky if you are into a relationship in which your friends seem to know you more than yourself; showing both of you have attained a level of intimacy.

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The tradition of celebrating friendship day is something people have been observing over the years. It is a day set apart to evaluate and celebrate the different people we have as friends. The idea of celebrating friendship day started in the United States when World Friendship Crusade declared the celebration of friendship day on the first Sunday of August every year. The declaration was as a result of the reported case of a man who committed suicide because the US government killed his friend.

Today, friendship day is being celebrated in various countries of the world. Friends are a true blessing of God to us only if we choose the right ones. Most people celebrate friendship day in the realization of the positive impact their friends have made on them. Friendship Day is a day to show how invaluable your friends are to you. And there are so many ways people go about celebrating their friends

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The wolf and wolverine are known to be two different types of species coming from two different groups. The names are similar so people may assume that they are the same even if they are not. The Wolverine only refers to just one type of species but a wolf can be used to categorize different types of wolves that are available.

The Wolverine and the wolf are both known to be carnivores but the wolf is considered to be scarier by a lot of people. The bites that can be given by the wolf is considered to be more fatal as compared to the bites that will be administered by the wolverine. The Wolverine usually has one color only while wolves may differ in color depending on the type of wolf available.

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Rabbits and bunnies are actually the same things. Rabbits seem to be informally referred to as bunnies nowadays. It is because, back in the 18th century, rabbits were referred to as conies, whereas young conies were referred to as rabbits. But the name ‘rabbits’ started becoming more popular than it overshadowed the name ‘conies.’ In modern times, the young rabbits are referred to as bunnies, which may sound like conies.

Rabbits symbolize fertility; this is simply because they have a short gestation period. That is why rabbits have great importance for the Easter festivals, which falls in the spring. The story behind this is that in the olden days, the children would make a nest with old clothing and basket for the hare to lay in it during the Easter eve. Meanwhile, hares don’t lay eggs, they give birth to young ones in nests, while rabbits give birth to their younger ones in the burrows. So the word hare changed into a bunny and now popularly called rabbit.

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Poverty is reckoned to be the most usual consequence of various factors accounting for it in most countries of the world.

Let's have a candor look at them :

  • Over Population: This may be the most cliched term ever, that's why people don't realize the true meaning and the disaster it brings to the table. Resources are limited but the consumers are not. We need to understand this once and for all before we miss that last over winning the ball and lose the world cup.
  • The Dearth of Knowledge: If the population is under control then the second thing that can account for it is lack of knowledge. People are unable to explore their potentials based on their skills because they don't have that exposure which can get them a job or establish their own startup business. Today's education system is good for nothing. Poor education is what needs to be triggered with utmost emergency to help remove this problem globally
  • Scarce resources: Everybody needs food and water to survive. There is no appropriate flow of the proper ingredients to every last one of us that cause diseases and lack of energy that one needs to work and earn some dough.
  • Ever-changing climate: Change is the only constant in this world and every change is for the good except climate change. With unexpected rain, cyclones and earthquakes, etc the crops, houses, infrastructures are getting wrecked which accounts for lesser wages and people losing their jobs
  • Lack of infrastructure: Poor economy countries like Ethiopia, Uganda, Yemen, etc. fail to provide good or even a decent infrastructure their residents that result in people catching a disease, poorly managed household and food management is zero. which hence contributes to poor earnings and poverty.
  • International conflicts: Wars between countries, it has to lead to a halt in construction sites, building and food growing Farms, resulting in Poverty in countries like Syria.

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