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Yash Mathers

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According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraine is one of the most common severe diseases in the world. As per this foundation, there is about 12 percent of people in America who suffer from migraine headaches. Migraines are different from common problems and can impact your daily life....

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The word OK might be one of the most versatile and commonly used expressions in the English language. In fact, people rarely fail to use it while writing a paragraph in English, including me. The reason is very simple, OK is a word that can be used as a noun, a verb, an interjection, and an...

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Being in LDR (Long Distance Relationship) and maintaining that love spark is like winning a war. One simple reason might be that this kind of relationship takes a lot of work. However, such relationships can be good for someone, if it is managed properly on all fronts. A relationship takes work...

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G. Horace

Are you the kind of person who keeps thinking, “He/She likes me! He/She likes me not!” throughout the night? Are you totally confused about the mixed and provoking signals which you receive from your crush?

Well, there is no exact and defined sign to find out whether your...

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H. Reyes

No, you can’t die from general anesthesia 🧐. Modern-day anesthesia is very safe. Although, it can cause serious injuries in rare and extreme cases where its administration goes wrong. It has a very low probability, around 1 in 7 million 😊.

Basically, in general anesthesia,...

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T. Wikati

That’s actually a really adorable comparison. Marie Kondo is good, great in fact but she is no Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart has been organizing homes for at least 2 decades. She is the woman who literally brought the entire lifestyle industry into the forefront of television. Marie and...

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K. Tanaka

Euclidean geometry is the study of shapes, sizes, and positions based on the principles and assumptions stated by Greek Mathematician Euclid of Alexandria. It is also called the geometry of flat surfaces. Euclidean geometry is limited to the study of straight lines and objects usually in a 2d...

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That is actually a very genuine question to ask after the recent Oscar ceremony. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have raised so many eyebrows that they have quite literally broken the internet. That rendition of Shallow was one of the most beautiful and romantic performances I’ve ever seen...

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T. Wikati


takes in a deep breath

stretches knuckles

Let’s go. The most important thing is not having a high kill count but surviving. The government will take a few months to figure out what to do with people so relying on them is the last thing I would do.


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T. Wikati

Technically speaking, there is no guaranteed cure for a nose cold😭. But, you can take some cold remedies and avoid a few nasty things from doing to clear up your stuffy nose 🤧. There are some natural remedies which might be proved as effective to reduce the symptoms of crap cold and...

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