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Making money through YouTube can be complicated when you do not know what to do. You need to produce quality content so that people will start to visit your channel more. The first thing that you have to do is to know your audience. The more that you know about your audience, the more that they will like the content that you will release.

You need to be clear about the content that you are producing. If you need to do more research about the topic, then do it. Be straightforward and make sure that your videos will not be too long. People feel that your content will be better if it would not be too draggy, and if you would straightforwardly present the details.

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Et cetera is the full form of ETC. Et cetera is a Latin word which 'means and so on' and 'and other things'. We generally use Etc at the end of a sentence especially when we are making example of some things, the moment we include etc, it means you are referring to other examples that are related to what you are discussing.

For example, the following are the examples of stationery; book, pen, pencil, eraser etc, the etc you included means other examples of stationery materials you can think of. It is being used most times to shorten the continuity of a sentence especially when you are listing items.

The word 'Et cetera' has been adopted from Latin to English and it's short form is etc. Also, etc is used when you have more similar items in series or list and you don’t want to mention everything, then you can use the word ETC.

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This question is common in the minds of many people. The dream is part of our sleep. Sleep is necessary for our body to rejuvenate. However, there is no particular answer to why we dream. Scientists make us understand that dream is part of the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of our sleep cycle. It is believed that the brainstem controls REM sleep, and our forebrain generates dream.

This is why people with forebrain damage do not dream though they go into REM sleep. Studies also suggest that our dreams are made from our thoughts, imaginations, memories, and wishes. Debates and studies are still ongoing to reveal more on why we dream. Hope this answer might clear your confusion to some extent.

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Embarking on any diet program is a huge task which will demand a lot from anyone who wishes to stick to the process. One of the things that can make you stick to your diet is when you concentrate your mind on the various benefits you stand to get after the completion of the process. One of the advantages is that you will have enough energy; you will be fit, and you will be less prone to diseases. Having this in mind will serve as the right motivation that will keep you to the end.

If you want to stick to your diet, you need to get rid of junk foods. Definitely, the urge to eat these types of foods will come, but when you don't have them around, you won't fall into the temptation. This is exactly where the word ''discipline'' comes in. Another tip is by sticking to foods that will help the process. Most times, these types of foods are not what you want, but for the sake of what you want to achieve, you must be ready to eat them. Exercise is also needed to keep you fit.

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To understand this, you need to understand how ant colonies work. There are roughly 3 basic systemic units of an ant colony. Sure, these differ from species to species but overall, the trends remain the same. The three units are:

  • The Queen
  • The Larvae
  • The Workers

The Queen ant's main job is to lay eggs for adding new members to the colony. The larva becomes the future generation of the colony. The worker ants job includes gathering food for the larva and the queen, mating with the queen and protecting the colony. The lifespan of a worker ant is the shortest among the entire bunch. Once the queen dies, no more eggs are laid and the larva becomes the final generation of the colony. Once all the workers die off, the larva becomes the next generation of the workers and also subsequently, the last.

Hence ants die off after the death of a Queen Ant.

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Staffing and recruiting are two essential functions of any human resources department. Having the best people in the perfect place at the right time is imperative for the sake of organizational efficiency. Recruitment is the process of attracting the appropriately qualified set of people to apply for a post in an organization. Staffing is the process of selecting, positioning, and retaining the individuals who apply for a job.

Staffing begins with the individual’s entry to the organization and continues through the course until the employee leaves the company. Recruitment is carried out at the initial stage of staffing. Recruitment is both an internal and external process. Staffing is a strictly internal process.

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The elementals are the extra-dimensional beings that can be seen in other dimensions. Hydron is one of the elementals and is the master of water. Magnum is another elemental and he is the one that is responsible for manipulating different earth and rocks that are available. Zephyr is known to be the mistress of the winds and she is known to be very evil.

Hellfire is also another being who is known for having the ability to generate fires. The elementals are important because they have actually become immortal due to the different forces that are at work in this world. They have been available in this world even before Atlantis first started.

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Since Far From Home occurs after End Game and Peter Parker has become crushed because of what happened, he has his own Spidey Suit. Take note that there are up to three suits that will be worn in this movie so you will probably have a grand time comparing all of the different suits from each other.

It is said that one of the suits is designed by Peter Parker himself. It may be a bit different from the Spiderman that you are used to but you can definitely see the reference once you see the spidey suits. It is fun in the movie to see Peter Parker create his own suit.

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Everyone can look beautiful without makeup as long as they would believe in themselves. The transforming power of makeup has managed to shock and astound people from all over the world. The best way to feel beautiful without makeup is to take good care of your skin. Think of your skin as the canvas wherein makeup will be placed. If the canvas is not smooth and clear, then it will be harder for the canvas to be painted on.

Here are the following ways via which you can look beautiful without makeup:

  • Wash your face daily.
  • Use alcohol-free toner.
  • Use a moisturizer daily.
  • Don't forget to wear sunscreen.
  • Improve your overall appearance.

Your skin can be transformed with the right skincare products and by staying hydrated at all times. It will also be ideal if you moisturize your skin so that you can keep your skin glowing even without any makeup on.

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The fact that you're here reading this answer could be due to two plausible reasons. First one could be your concern for our mother nature and you volunteer yourself to participate for the greater cause of survival, Or, you're just here lurking from your boring lifestyle out of your slothfulness. If you fall into the second category, you can leave right now. This topic is a global issue and definitely the most trivialized one by the general population around the globe, though certain Organisations are coming forward and educating everyone to contribute to this cause to save our home planet. End of this rant.

Now coming to the main point, You can find so much information about the do's and the dont's on Google. This answer is all about the traits that you need to adopt to make those practical methods work in our favor, check out the following solutions:

  • Awareness: We can't just blame the whole planet for the destruction as most of us are unaware of what are the pros and cons of using whatever we use day-to-day. Questions like " How can burning plastic contribute to this Global warming Nightmare?" need to be seeded in every single brain and henceforth, so should be the answer to this. Most of us don't reckon the survival consequences that we definitely have to face someday from this day forward. We need to realize that we're mortal. This sense of mortality will make your every step on this earth meaningful and you'll find a feeling of belonging to this nature. So, Foremost step is bringing awareness towards every product that we consume and towards waste management also.
  • Decisiveness: Awareness is one thing, following that is what evidence would you provide to water that seed so that there will be individual efforts which are the only way to save our planet. Most of our life is mapped through procrastination. We need a lot more energy to counter it and start working for the better good of ourselves.
  • Modus Operandi: Could be the most important of these all. A way to operate should be there, Once, we started acting upon this, we need to find how to do it with elegance, and in a well-behaved way. Efficient ways could be more beneficial throughout the process.
  • Longevity: Consistency mixed with hard work and patience is the ultimate mantra for longevity, both for the human race and our planet. These traits are the real boss here. In the long run, definite results will be there.
  • Behold the wonder: The beauty of nature is its tremendous healing capacities. It can heal itself if we just do our work to nurture it and do not interfere in the rest of the procedure. Behold the Wonder happening and you will be amazed.
  • Embrace and be grateful: Mother nature is merciful and gives without any expectations, how can we not fall in love with it? We should feel thankful for what we have while we have it. The sole reason for our existence is our Mother nature. we should embrace it in profound ways.

PS: There are a number of NGO's working towards this cause, you can volunteer and contribute for the living as long as you're above the ground.

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