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We are afraid to make mistakes because it is generally followed by a negative outcome. As a consequence of making a mistake we either get reprimanded or get socially embarrassed or displease someone whose approval is important to us. None of the possible outcomes of making a mistake is pleasant...

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Spiders don’t touch their web with their legs or any other organs. They move along their web by merely touching it with their leg hairs. So since they never make direct contact with their web, they never get stuck in them.

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In any case, exactly who involved the antiquated city in current Pakistan amid the third thousand years B.C. remains a baffle. ... The Indus Valley human progress was totally obscure until 1921, when unearthings in what might move toward becoming Pakistan uncovered the urban areas of Harappa...

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Shampoo or liquid shampoo rather was invented by Hans Schwarzkopf in 1927. But before the discovery and use of (liquid) shampoo, people from earlier time used soap that derived from plants. It is also believed that the word shampoo comes from the Indian word “champi”.


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It is true that identical twins form from one egg. They share some similarities when it comes to their DNA but fingerprints cannot be considered entirely as a genetic characteristic. This means that there are different factors that may affect the formation of any person’s fingerprints....

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Whenever bacteria or viruses attack our bodies, we get a fever. This is because these malevolent external agents multiply best at our normal body temperatures, so our body’s defense mechanism requires it to raise its temperature.

With raised temperature our bodies feels cold...

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I would demolish import taxes. That would make sense because then I could buy anything from any part of the world without going bankrupt. Also, not having import taxes would not result in losses for the seller because anyway the tax money is collected and enjoyed by somebody who has no part in...

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Distance, like every other quantity, has many units. It can be measured in meters, in kilometers and so on. However, the international system of units gave each quantity a specific unit. The other units are all modifications of the first one. Therefore the standard unit for the distance is...

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Superman came from an alien planet called Krypton.

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Crocodiles are animals that people are very scared of. They should be. Getting too close to a crocodile could result in some deadly consequences. The main way that a crocodile kills its prey whether it be a human or other animal is by latching onto its prey and spin the prey into a death...

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