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Beta Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Adrenergic receptors, being a kind of protein, helps to regulate our responses to fight-or-flight syndrome, which is a physiological reaction that occurs whenever one has a terrifying or stressful experience. This adrenergic receptor is of two major types, those are the alpha receptors and beta receptors. Alpha 1 and alpha 2 are the two significant types of alpha receptors; while beta 1, beta 2, and beta 3 are the three significant types of beta receptors. These receptors can be found at the sympathetic junctions of various organ, are located postsynaptically.

These receptors can also be found in the heart, airways, fatty tissues, blood vessels, uterus, and several other areas. Mostly, alpha receptors are involved in the constriction of blood vessels and the stimulation of effector cells. Beta receptors, on the other hand, are usually engaged in the dilatation of blood vessels and relaxation of effector cells. Better receptors make our heart beats faster and with force when the heart organ is affected.

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