Make Course Content Accessible on a Predefined Schedule

Resource SchedulingWith ProProfs, you can make your course chapters available to learners on a predefined schedule.

This helps you to offer your course to learners in bite-size pieces making it easier for them to understand the course content as well as increasing the overall engagement during the learning process.


You can create the whole course at a go but grant learners access to only a particular chapter or chapters of the course on specified dates. Alternately, you can also immediately assign learners a course, and you can keep adding new chapters as learners move forward in the course. In this case too, you can control which course chapters learners can view at which particular date.

How it works

You can easily schedule your course delivery based on a calendar with ProProfs. For instance, let’s say you created a 5 week course for your learners and you want them to take only one chapter per week.

You can easily achieve this by controlling the chapter availability dates. So that once learners start the course they can access only the 1st chapter in the first week, the 2nd chapter in the second week and so on.

Top benefits

  • Easier to absorb course content: Let’s face it; courses packed with tons of information can often overwhelm learners. By offering learners a chapter at a time you provide them the information in bite-sizes pieces making it easy for them to easily absorb and digest the course materials.
  • Better learner engagement: By sequencing your course chapters to a predefined schedule, you make sure that learners don’t take the whole course at one sitting. This keeps learners engaged and interested in your course by making them eagerly wait for the next chapter or lesson.
  • Adopt blended learning in classroom: You can easily adopt a blended learning approach by matching online course chapters with classroom (offline) lesson plans, which makes for a much more engaging learning process for learners than the conventional lecture model.

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