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10 Amazing Ways to Use an Online Assessment Creator

When you hear the phrase “online assessment creator,” you probably think of a test-making tool. And you’re exactly right: online tools are excellent for developing assessments to be used in any type of establishment, be it for business or education. However, there’s a lot more you can do with these tools than just develop assessment...
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Five Tips for Making the Most of Online Assessments

Online assessments have very similar goals to traditional pencil and paper assessments; to find out what students know what they understand, and how well knowledge and understanding have improved with instruction.  There are some key differences, however, in effectively creating and using computer-based or online assessment tools as opposed to traditional methods.  Here are some...
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How to Create a Skill Assessment Test for Hiring: A Complete Guide

In recent Candidate Experience Research by Talent Board, it was found that 82% of companies use some form of candidate assessment testing. Let’s face it- hiring is one of the most difficult tasks for recruiters. It takes a lot of time, energy, and effort. Also, a wrong assessment can lead to the hiring of a...
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How to Choose the Right Online Exam Software to Create Online Exams

Dealing with the responsibility of building your learners’ future, handling the administrative stuff, and working long hours means that when you reach home, you want to just let go and relax. Grading exam papers is not a task that is at the top of your mind at that time. Seriously, when was the last time...
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6 Ways to Create Online Exams that Stop Cheating in its Tracks

Exams and assessments which are taken online offer a range of benefits both to the students and the teachers. But there is also a dark side to taking online exams, which is that, more often than not, students who wish to take these online assessments look to cheat their way through the exams by manipulating...
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Online Exam Creator: 10 Best Ways to Use One

If you clicked on this article, chances are that you’re already using an online exam creator and are looking for more amazing ways to use it. If you don’t own one, however, you might wanna get one after you finish reading this.  Owing to its virtue of being so convenient and versatile, you can make...
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4 Effective Training Methods for Different Learning Styles

“Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.” – James Goodnight, CEO of SAS Institute In the past, teachers used to impart the same textbook knowledge to all learners in a class regardless of their aptitude and ability. Unfortunately, we can no longer uphold this practice. This is simply because biologically speaking, different...
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How Online Classes Help Develop Critical Thinking in Learners

While the online classroom is a convenient method for instructors and trainers to reach a broader segment of learners, it’s often assumed that the format promotes cursory responses that fail to include deep critical thinking skills. It’s been said that without face-to-face interaction, trainers cannot probe learners to think beyond the simple answer by asking...
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How To Engage The Corporate Learner Through Online Courses

Engaging corporate learners in online learning requires knowledge of basic adult learning principles and collaboration. Engaging learners means that the trainer or instructor gets learners involved in the learning experience through interaction with other class participants and tasks that learners deem worthwhile. Engagement also means that learners willingly participate in problem-solving, decision making, self-directed learning,...
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How to Complete Mandatory Training on a Shoestring Budget

An ongoing challenge for anyone involved in providing training for their organization is completing mandatory training on a shoestring budget. With many companies operating on tight training budgets, training departments are challenged with the responsibility of delivering effective, quality training on a practically non-existent training budget. So, how do you provide quality learning experiences and...
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