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How to complete mandatory training on a shoestring budget

An ongoing challenge for anyone involved in providing training for their organization is completing mandatory training on a shoestring budget. With many companies operating on tight training budgets, training departments are challenged with the responsibility of delivering effective, quality training on a practically non-existent training budget. So, how do you provide quality learning experiences and...
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Elearning companies comparison: service, cost & features

Companies in the elearning marketplace provide a diversity of services for users that include outsourcing, content development, authoring tools, learning portals and LMS vendors. Here, we will compare the services, costs and features of ProProfs Training Maker, Moodle and Blackboard Learning System. ProProfs is a SaaS cloud-based elearning platform that can deliver full enterprise platform...
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Too Much Information? Creating a User-Friendly Online Classroom

Any effective teacher wants to provide his or her students with enough information to succeed in the course. In addition to the course materials, the online instructor also needs to post information on how to navigate the classroom, where to post assessments, and proper online etiquette. Because instructors can’t provide a verbal course overview and...
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Online Test Making Software Buyers Guide

With a number of Test Making Software available out there, selecting the right one for yourself or your organization can become a daunting task. However, choosing the wrong software can not only be a waste of your time and money but also hinder the learning process. Here are 11 errors you should avoid to make...
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SaaS elearning platform: features & benefits

Before discussing the features and benefits of a SaaS elearning platform, let’s first define SaaS. SaaS means software as a service. It is an elearning platform that a purchaser receives access to as a free service or by paying a subscription fee. The subscription fee is usually contingent upon the features and benefits for which...
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Secret tips for selecting the best elearning software

You know your content, you have an outline, you have gathered some materials, and you are ready to design your elearning course. Or perhaps your company is ready to put it’s training sessions online. But what software will you use? With so many authoring tools and learning management systems available, how do you know which...
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Top five ways to assess learning online

Online learning has quickly moved into the mainstream. Educational and business institutions alike are discovering the powerful, cost-effective opportunities of using the Internet and Web 2.0 for teaching and learning. But online learning is still very young, and many aspects are still in experimental stages. One of the main issues being addressed right now is...
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Improving student engagement and participation in online classes

The rapid proliferation of massive open online courses (MOOCs) starting in 2012 has brought the potential of online learning to the forefront of education discussions at all levels. Educational institutions and corporate trainers alike are moving their programs online, and students are signing up in droves. The Sloan 2012 Survey of Online Learning found that...
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Elearning solutions and strategies for small businesses

Elearning solutions have revolutionized education at all levels, and now more companies are starting to recognize the awesome potential of moving their training online. Currently, elearning accounts for about 40% of all corporate training, and that number is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Obstacles to the adoption of elearning solutions by businesses—time...
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