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Tools That Took the EdTech Industry by Storm

Remember the days when teachers had to carry a pile of their students’ tests home to grade them… There were often tests to be graded, material to be read and reports to be prepared. Evaluating and preparing tests was a tiresome task. The classroom was even worse, crammed up with learning materials – books, test...
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3 Ways a Quiz Can Your Simplify Employee Recruitment Process

Recruiting new employees can be a painstaking process for Human Resource Executives. With a flood of job applications in their inboxes, scrutinizing those applications and further screening for interviews, HR executives tend to lose their efficiency and the entire process takes a toll on their life. The problem is that traditional methods of getting to...
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Why Gamification in Corporate Training Really Works

Life is more fun if you play games Roald Dahl, British novelist and fighter pilot. 72% of people firmly believe that gamification at their workplace inspires them to work harder. When implemented in the right manner, gamification in corporate training can enhance employee engagement and productivity level in a big way. Before we discuss the...
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Extended Enterprise LMS: Simplifying Customer and Partner Training

The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.  – Morihei Ueshiba, Japanese martial artist. Organizations that have a presence in multiple geographies around the world often face the need to train stakeholders stationed in those places from time to time. The effectiveness of such a training...
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How Can Companies Leverage Quizzes for Brand Promotion?

A lot of good companies fail to rise above mediocrity simply because they fail to promote themselves at the right time. Using trending topics for advertising is a well-known marketing tactic. There are various ways such tactics have been used for long term promotion. Big brands have a unique identity which they have slowly developed...
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Two-Fold Benefit of Using Online Quiz Tool in the Learning Industry

A lot of research has been conducted to determine the benefits of online tests, quizzes, and assessments in learning & development. Even though there is so much that has already been said about quizzes, there are a plethora of things that make them ideal for the learning industry. Most of this research points to several...
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LMS Reporting: A Must in Every Data-Driven Learning Ecosystem

Enterprises always feel the need to provide continuous training to their workforce so that the latter can fit into modern workplaces. Creative problem solving, collaborative skills, adaptability, and agility are some of the competencies employers look forward to in their employees. In fact, talent has become a key differentiator in the present business world. Talent...
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What is a Learning Record Store (LRS)

In the early days of computing, storing learning data (or any other data for that matter) was not that organized and systematic. There was no centralized location for those data and they were scattered across different systems in different locations. Fortunately, this is no longer the case now. The arrival of advanced computer technologies and...
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Lesser-Known Benefits of Employee Training Uncovered

Businesses with a strong work culture of learning enjoy employee engagement and retention rates of around 30-50% higher than those that don’t, says Robert Half International, a global human resource consulting firm based in California. In fact, ample opportunities for learning and development are key to overall business success. Apart from upskilling employees and delivering...
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