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Defining Computer Based Assessment

Computer based assessment is not a new idea—in fact, it has been around in some form since 1959, when the very first computer based training (CBT) system was built. However, like CBT, computer based assessment didn’t get much recognition until a few decades ago, and it only started becoming really influential in the past few...
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Why and How to use Computer Assessment Tests

The use of computer assessment tests, in which quizzes and tests are both created and taken using a computer or a mobile device, is gaining steam from elementary schools on up. This article briefly reviews why and how you can integrate computer assessment tests in your classroom. Why use computer assessment tests The advantages of...
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Tips to Make an Amazing Facebook Quiz

Quizzes have been a popular tactic companies have used to engage audiences for a long time. Remember when you used to complete quizzes in your favorite magazine…and then make your friends take them as well? The main difference now is that those quizzes are online, which means not only that people can take them and...
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Facebook Quizzes: What’s in it for Businesses?

As a huge social media platform that caters to people of all ages, in all industries, and all around the world, Facebook is not just a site where people can make and foster connections, share photos and videos, and play online games. It is also a site businesses can use to reach a much broader...
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How to Get More Traffic with Facebook Quizzes

Everyone loves to answer questions (especially about themselves) and give their opinions. Marketers have started capitalizing on these seemingly basic human qualities by using quizzes distributed over social media to engage audiences and drive more traffic to branded websites. Facebook is the best social media platform for getting quizzes in front of as many eyes...
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How to Choose the Right Quiz Authoring Software for You

Many instructors—from elementary school classrooms to corporate training environments—are using quiz authoring software to simplify and streamline how they create, distribute, and manage tests and exams. As with any digital tool, there is not one single quiz authoring software that is right for everyone; rather, it is a matter of personal preference, comfort with the...
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3 Reasons Teachers Like Using an Online Test Maker

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that online test makers have revolutionized how teachers develop and grade tests and track the results. Gone are the days of teachers having to grade each quiz and test by hand and then painstakingly record the results in grade books. Gone as well is the need to...
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What Everybody Ought To Know About Using an Online Exam Maker

Tired of writing long questions? Short on time? Then why go through the hassle of creating paper-and-pencil exams when you can take advantage of an online exam creator. Simply put, online exam creators are a web-based tool that allow people to create, manage and embed quizzes, tests, or exams easily and quickly. From business owners...
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3 Keys to Success with an Exam Maker

There are many ways to create exams and quizzes, but if you are looking for an easy way out then perhaps using an online exam maker is the best option. Almost all exam makers are incredibly easy to use. You just have to follow the steps and keep adding questions you deem best for the...
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