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The 100 Best Trivia Questions with Answers

Table of Contents Introduction 1.Sports trivia questions 2.Technology trivia questions 3.Science trivia questions 4.Health trivia questions 5.Geography trivia questions 6.Literature trivia questions 7.Politics trivia questions 8.Education trivia questions 9.Food trivia questions 10.General trivia questions Conclusion Remember the time when someone asked you a cool trivia question and immediately had your attention? Trivia quizzes can be...
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Maine Sexual Harassment Training: Everything You Need to Know

Maine has always been at the forefront of sexual harassment prevention. In 1991, it became the first state in the U.S. to require sexual harassment training in the workplace. As an employer, you would never want harassment cases to mar your company’s reputation or let your employees face the consequences. Prevention is always better and...
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How to Create the Most Engaging Quiz Questions

You can’t cook great pasta without great ingredients. You’ll need the right amounts of flour, eggs, tomato, cheese, and more. Individually, they’re ok but combine them and add the right mix of cooking — you’re in pasta heaven. Quizzes work in the same way. It’s never a single element that makes a great quiz but...
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10 Best Features You Need in Your Online Assessment Software in 2020

“The students of the future will demand learning support that is appropriate for their situation or context. Nothing more, nothing less. And they want it at the moment the need arises. Not sooner, not later. Mobile devices will be a key technology to providing that learning support.” – Dr. Marcus Specht, Professor of Advanced Learning...
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What Is Employee Training & Development? Types, Methods, Benefits

Employees are the biggest asset of every organization. Realizing this, companies are spending more than before on employee training. The only way to improve performance, ensure retention, and achieve business growth is through employee training. To make the most of such programs, you first need to know the ins and outs of employee training and...
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An Introduction to the Enterprise Quiz Builder From ProProfs

When we released the enterprise version of our flagship assessment tool ProProfs Quiz Maker our aim was to provide enterprises a high-performance assessment platform. At ProProfs, we believe every organization has its specific skills testing, training, and recruitment requirements. That’s why we developed the enterprise version of ProProfs Quiz Maker. Apart from being more secure,...
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7 Benefits Of Online Corporate Training

Online learning is helpful to every business sector, but it is particularly remarkable for the corporate world. This is because most companies today employ online learning solutions for employee training.  According to a survey conducted by Bersin & Associates, 60% of 2,000 managers they interviewed prefer to use online training because they find it beneficial...
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How to Effectively Design an eLearning Course

If you’ve tried to design an eLearning course, you may have realized that it’s a time-consuming process, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. While you may find it challenging to choose the right design model, managing the eLearning design project till the end can be stressful at times. The success of such...
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Using Content Curation for eLearning in the Workplace

Recent global events have affected how organizations perceive their corporate training initiatives. People are starting to realize how important eLearning tools are in upskilling and reskilling the modern workforce.  But with various trends and fads flooding the corporate training landscape today, L&D leaders and HR professionals can’t help but get lost; thus, these “noise” make...
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