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5 Simple Steps to Plan Your Online Course Content

To see your dreams materialize into reality, you’ve to start by planning and laying out the steps that can lead you to your destination. The achievement of any task be it excelling in an exam, getting promoted at work, buying a house five years down the line, etc., is preceded by a proper plan that...
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5 Benefits of Responsive eLearning Courses

What type of device are you using while reading this article: a desktop, laptop or maybe your smartphone? Do you know the reason why you can easily read through the material using any of the devices mentioned earlier? You can read the article only because it follows a responsive design. When you create an online...
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Mandatory Healthcare Compliance Training Made Easy With An LMS

Disclosing confidential data to unauthorized parties is likely to grab mass criticism, especially if that data pertains to patients’ medical histories. Healthcare Industry has often borne the brunt of data breach both by the staff and healthcare personnel. Proper training and development program can avert such undesirable incidents in the workplace. Before we talk about...
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Benefits of a Tin Can API Compliant Learning Management System

Are you familiar with Tin Can API? If you have been dealing with e-learning then you probably have seen or heard reference to the Tin Can API. If not, then let me help you with it. Referring to the definition cited by Wikipedia: Tin Can xAPI “is an e-learning software specification that allows learning content...
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Improved Learning Experience Comes Handy With an Employee Training Software

For any business toying with the idea of incorporating a new training program, the advantages of e-Learning greatly outweigh those of in-person or classroom training. Staying updated, and remaining productive are critical challenges for many businesses today, and most of them are now looking to e-Learning to save time, energy and money. Not only employers...
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Steps to Create a Graded Quiz for Your Online Course

Whether you are an educational or a corporate trainer, you realize the importance of adding a certification feature to your online course(s). Earning certifications from online training programs is one reason why your learners pursue e-learning. Adding some form of examination or test to the online course plays a critical role in certifying your learner....
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How to Convey the Value of Your Online Course

As the global e-learning market continues to grow by leaps and bounds, one cannot stress more on the relevance of live learning. As per Stratistics Market Research Consulting, e-learning market worldwide is anticipated to reach $275.10 billion by 2022; growing at a compound annual growth rate of 7.5 percent during 2015-2022. With individuals and organizations...
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Give Your Students a Last-Minute Quick Revision Using Quizzes

  Whether students are preparing for a test or gathering information for an extempore event in college, studying and understanding the material given to you is essential. However, sometimes it can be hard to research and find a way to explore that will help you learn the material. You can use the quizzes as one...
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5 Ways Managers Can Build Trust In The Workplace

One of the major problems today’s businesses face is the lack of trust. According to the Elderman 2016 Trust barometer, 35% of people don’t trust the company they work for. The results the Global generations study by EY shows are even more worrisome. They found that only 46% of employees have a great deal of...
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