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What is eLearning? Concept, Purpose, Types & Advantages

Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing. – Donna Abernathy, educational author The global eLearning market is projected to reach $325 billion by 2025 from $107 billion in 2015. Stats like these clearly indicate eLearning is going from strength to strength in a short period of time. In fact,...
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Wanna Build a Better Product? Ask These Questions!

Do you ever wonder will consumers be crazy for iPhone if Apple never improved upon its features and key attributes? Hope you know what we are thinking! Without new features or upgrade, every new version would look the same. There wouldn’t be much to consider and the sales would definitely drop, and it’d lose a...
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5 Ways to Use Word of Mouth to Increase E-learning Subscribers

Word of mouth is essential when a brand is trying to promote a new course and trying to get more eLearners to subscribe. Fortunately, if a business is providing a good experience to their existing customer base, they may find that their customers will do some talking for them. This can lead to new leads...
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A Guide To Creating the Perfect Personality Quiz

Quizzes have been around for more than half a century now. The history of quizzes dates back to World War II. BBC Radio used to broadcast the Air Raid Warden Bee where they would ask various questions to a live audience on everything from surviving a bombing raid to the materials used for creating a...
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How Much Does LMS Software Cost? An Overview of Pricing Structures

“Costs do not exist to be calculated. Costs exist to be reduced.” – Taiichi Ohno, Japanese engineer & businessman Cost is a primary consideration for most organizations, which need to adopt any software tool. This is especially true for startups and small enterprises with limited resources. Once you get the cost factor right, everything else...
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What is SaaS LMS? Everything You Need to Know

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering. – Bill Gates These days, there is a buzz around SaaS LMS. Cloud-based LMS platforms are leading the way in providing solutions to today’s fast-paced learning & development (L&D) environment. According to a study by Research and Markets, prominent software vendors have come up with advanced LMS...
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How to Develop an Online Course and Monetize It

E-Learning courses are an established trend in the online content distribution industry. As you have guessed from the title, it could be pretty profitable to share your knowledge online. In case you are skeptical about your abilities to build a course that sells like a hot cake from scratch and distribute it properly, we are...
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New-Age Learning Management System: What It Has in Store for You

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.  Chinese proverb. Innovations in business technology (BT) are burgeoning at an impressive rate. The total technology spending worldwide is projected to grow from U.S. $2.8 in 2015 to U.S. $3.3 billion in 2019. Employee training software such as learning...
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