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Self-Service Portal – A Quick Start Guide

Self-service plays a critical role in knowledge management for customers and the support teams. Self-service is emerging as one of the most advanced and instant means of customer support. It offers instant access to information, reduces the workload on support resources, and saves time at both ends – customer and support team.  Customers are the...
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What Is an Internal Knowledge Base – All Basics Covered

In today’s economy, knowledge is one of the most valuable assets that businesses have. At the workplace, this intangible asset plays a significant role in enhancing employee productivity and efficiency. Knowledge, when managed and shared effectively, can save a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent on trivial tasks like:  digging through emails...
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What is a Technical Manual – The Ultimate Guide

What image comes up in your mind, as soon as you hear or see the word technical manual? Probably, an endless, boring, complex, and lackluster written set of instructions that are meant for those with technical knowledge.  Well, it’s nothing of that sort. In fact, a technical manual is completely online. It is targeted towards...
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31 Important Customer Service Skills

To stay relevant and competitive in the market, simply focusing on customer happiness won’t suffice. Times are changing, and you need to move past customer happiness and take a step ahead by focusing your energies and channelizing your efforts towards customer delight.   For achieving this, the first thing that comes to your mind is your...
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30 Customer Service Metrics & KPIs To Track in 2020

Customer service has become a major differentiator to gain an edge over the competition. Customer expectations of service quality are also on the rise, with more and more clients becoming intolerant with brands that fail to meet their expectations.  In fact, 91% of dissatisfied customers leave brands without complaining, which means companies lose the opportunity...
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10 Benefits of Knowledge Base You Cannot Ignore

While shopping in a physical store, I personally do not like the store staff to tag along, every step of the way, while I am looking at the options.  Do you like this shirt? Would you like to buy this pair of shoes? Are you confused as to what to buy? As a customer, these...
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The Ultimate Guide to Create a Training Manual

Are you constantly answering repeated questions by employees? Are you facing employee churn and finding it challenging to retain employees for a long term?   Ever wondered as to what can be the reason behind these persistent problems? Think about it, and you might get a hint. In fact, if you analyze, ineffective or worse, lack...
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How to Reduce Customer Service Emails: Tips & Tricks

  Email usage in customer service is still rampant despite the emergence of self-service platforms, live chat, and social media. The influx of technology disrupted the email culture, but only to an extent, as it has not yet been wiped out completely. People take time to embrace and accept the shift, especially those who are...
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Knowledge Base – Your Go-To Marketing Tool

The Click Culture has made it extremely easy for people to self-serve, switch brands, and get everything they want in a snap.  In fact, it has given rise to the self-service wave, wherein people prefer to get things done on their own, without requiring external assistance. There is clearly a seismic shift in customers’ expectations...
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Digital Customer Service – The What, Why and How

So before we jump on to digital customer service, lets first decode what ‘Digital’ exactly means. When I asked this question to my colleagues, each of them had cooked a different definition based on their perceptions and experiences.  I won’t say they were incorrect. Instead, the definitions were both similar and different in various ways. ...
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