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Delight Your Customers & Agents With Knowledge-Centered Support

Take the example of any organization, and you will find that most of them are struggling with streamlining their customer support functions.  There are multiple reasons for this – miscommunication, frustration, a huge volume of support tickets, no clearly-defined processes, lack of collaboration, and many more.  The only way out  that can save your customer...
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Knowledge Sharing at the Workplace: Why It Is Important & How to Achieve It

“Power comes not from knowledge kept, but from the knowledge shared.” – Bill Gates Coming straight from the horse’s mouth, from someone who is looked up to, by business magnates, industrialists, entrepreneurs, and even the general public from across the globe, this quote ought to be true.  Knowledge is power, but we forget that there...
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Knowledge Base Content Strategy: Tips to Build It

Do you have a knowledge base in place?  If the answer is No, it’s time you create it.  If the answer is Yes, there are more questions waiting for you.  How is your knowledge base performing?  Is your knowledge base meeting the set objectives?  Is your knowledge base SEO done right?  What value is the...
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Real-Time Support: What Does it Mean & Why is it Important?

Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing. – Miles Davis Real-Time – A word so overpowering, that if you combine it with anything – customer support, communication, or collaboration, it completely changes the meaning of the entire concept.  Take, for instance, real-time customer support.   Customer support is something various businesses are good at,...
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Technical Documentation: A Powerful Marketing Tool for Businesses

Technical documentation is often thought of as a problem-solving tool equipped with all answers to customers’ questions.  Little do we know that such a document can also help companies market their products and services. Its potential as a marketing weapon is undeniable, but companies are yet to leverage it to the maximum. One reason can...
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Help Authoring Tool: What Is It, and What Are Its Benefits?

Help authoring tool – the name itself says it all. It’s a tool that is used to create, maintain, manage, and publish help sites, manuals, documentation, and more.  With the rising inclination of customers for self-help, more and more companies are adopting help authoring tools to build online help platforms, that can be accessed conveniently...
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How to Create a Corporate Wiki for Your Business

What’s the first thing you rely on while searching for anything online? It’s got to be Wikipedia, and the reason is pretty simple. It has all the basics covered, and information is updated from time to time. Also, it offers links to related pages, which you might prefer browsing through.  It’s a one-stop information center...
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How to Support Remote Workforce During COVID-19 : Challenges & Best Practices

The COVID-19 pandemic has left the world shocked and shaken. Its effects have touched not just people but millions of businesses, both large and small, across the globe. Returning to the normalcy we know of, now looks like a far-fetched dream. Embracing this new way of living is the only plausible solution right now.  Remote...
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How to Improve Customer Experience (CX) Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a gloomy spell on the entire world, leaving no country, region, industry, or individual unaffected. The times are trying, with the global economy...
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7 Best Practices to Keep Your Knowledge Base up and Running

The concept of knowledge management has opened doors to scores of growth opportunities for businesses of all sizes and kinds. This is why organizations are increasingly embracing this concept with the hope to register higher sales, clock more revenue, keep employees and customers happy, and, most importantly, improve their market position.  But, how is online...
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