Knowledge Management

How to Create an Internal Knowledge Base

Knowledge base systems are comprehensive customer support platforms that have been out there for a while. Still, it was only in the past dozen years that these systems were revolutionized and truly become vital for running various organizations and improving business processes and customer support alike. A knowledge base can be used in two ways,...
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4 Ways Context Sensitive Help Keeps a Reader Engaged

Customer support and user experience have become one of the most important things in modern business. Today it’s all about customers, and companies compete to indulge customers and make them stay with their business so that they can continue to grow or remain profitable. This is especially important when it comes to helping online customers,...
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5 FAQ Examples To Inspire Better Customer Support

Creation of an FAQ page that will keep your visitors’ attention is a complex process that requires a lot of effort. When creating this page, it’s crucially important to pay attention to all that subjects visitor interest. On the other hand, it’s equally significant not to overwhelm them with too much information. Finally, all the...
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11 Reasons Why a SaaS Wiki Is Indispensable for an Organization

Every single business owner should consider creating an internal wiki, since it can be of major help to all of its users and, of course, to their entire organization. Not only can it greatly improve collaboration and communication within a company, but it can also help streamline every business operation and, thus, make every employee...
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How Your Knowledge Base Content Affects Your Sales

B2B sales enablement tools are very effective when it comes to improving the workflow of an organization. They can help you with coaching and training so that your sales reps can maximize their productivity and efficiency. This way they can contribute to a sales increase and allow your organization to meet its revenue goals. You...
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2 Crucial Reasons to Implement a Knowledge Base Today

  In today’s connected world of business, we all ‘want’ an easy access to accurate information. In fact, it is less of a ‘demand’ and more of an ‘expectation’.  So, are you a savvy business owner who wants to stand out while keeping costs low? One solution, which can boost staff efficiency and client satisfaction,...
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