Knowledge Management

6 Quick Hacks to Optimize Your Knowledge Base

A knowledge base speaks volumes about your business dynamics, about what you actually offer to your customers. It is the face of your firm on the basis of which your customers create a perception about your brand in their minds because through knowledge base your customers learn about your product or service. If it’s something...
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Create Help Center like a Pro with These 8 Must-Follow Tips

Do you know that  the DIY (Do It Yourself) market is growing exponentially and is expected to  reach USD 13.9 Billion by 2021 – according to Technavio. Isn’t this figure hair-raising? The question is why has this approach garnered so much acceptance? Firstly, it gives a sense of empowerment to customers and secondly, it reduces...
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3 Types of Knowledge Base Content All Businesses Need to Create

Knowledge bases are meant for customers interested in having a self-service support experience. Tons of people don’t have time to sit around on their phone or by their computer dealing with an agent — sometimes multiple — for a problem that can be solved in less than ten minutes. Self-service is a significant business trend...
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Ultimate Guide to Creating a Technical Documentation

Give your customers an exceptional browsing and problem-solving experience! The face of technical documentation is undergoing massive metamorphosis, thanks to the phenomenal progress technology has made over the years. It is impacting a brand’s image immensely, hence, businessmen across the globe are altering their strategies and actions to meet the changing demands of consumers. A...
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The Ultimate Guide on How to Encourage Self-Service Among Customers

With self-service, customers generally fly through. It will save time and money, unless the order is complex. Harry Balzer, Vice President, NPD Group Let your customers sail (or fly) through a self-service knowledge base of your organization. A sturdy knowledge base will help you foster self-service among your customers. How? Let’s find out here. If...
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How to Acquire and Apply Knowledge Acquisition in Your Organization

Large companies with complex organizational structure—thus, a repository of disparate knowledge across its various business units—should leverage knowledge acquisition to improve their overall efficiency. Although knowledge acquisition is commonly associated with a manufacturing company’s research and development goal, it can be utilized also for other business processes, namely: I.T., operations and, to a degree, customer...
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