Customer Support

Effective and Efficient Live Chat Technology for Online Retailers

Gone are the days when telephones and emails were in galore as a customer service tool. Now live chat technology is definitely ahead of its game when it comes to customer experience. Although the email is one of the leading forms of communication throughout the world, live chat technology is catching up fast, especially in...
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Grow your eCommerce business with Live Chat

In present day live chat technology is growing rapidly, business group are opting different ways to compete in the technology industry. Initially the customer was disconnected from e commerce sites as there were none to answer their question in real time with an accuracy. Now to get connected with customers and engage them regarding their...
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Characteristics of Live Chat Agents

An effective live chat agent is the face of a company. He will be the only person who can give an good user experience to your website visitors and convert them into your delighted and loyal customers. Here we have picked some characteristics of an effective live chat agent which plays an important role in...
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Maximizing Live Chat Impact for Online Lead Generation

Every marketer establishes a game plan for more lead generation and ensures that they are getting the necessary output. Live chat can help you boost your sales potential, but it is also important to do it in a right way. The following tips can help you make the most of live chat software. Bring the...
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Exceeding Customer Expectations with ProProfs Chat

Like any other customer service channel, live chat also raises the bar on customer expectations which you are obligated to fulfill in order for you to sustain long term relationships with your customers and enhance your customer base. If you look at this metric closely, you will notice that this is a two-way partnership when...
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Building Customer Loyalty with Live Chat Software

As one of the most widely used service channels at your contact center, live chat has finally found its rightful place as a communication metric which not only builds bridges with customer communities but also sustains them long term. This level of customer connection comes at a price that your organization can afford with considerable...
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3 Tips on Achieving Zero Wait Times in Live Chat

Live chat service has been benchmarked by industry experts as a highly effective, low cost service channel when compared to phone and email support. You can provide phone support to your customers in special situations where phone interaction may resolve the issue promptly. That said, no technology is perfect, and once in a while, there...
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3 ways to use Live Chat Support to turn Visitors into Customers

It isn’t normally our style here at ProProfs Chat to flaunt numbers especially since we didn’t create them directly. Having said that, we believe that numbers communicate messages as well as a writing or two on the wall: Between 2010 and 2013, live chat usage rose by 24% across the board for customer support according...
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Leveraging Live Chat Support to Increase your Website Revenue

The secret to online business success today is determined not by how many customers you acquire but how many customers you are able to retain and build relationships with long term. It comes as a surprise to many who believe in the traditional roles that technology plays but three of the four major service channels–...
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