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6 Ways to Improve Customer Experience on Your Ecommerce Website

An unsatisfactory customer experience due to poor UX/UI can drastically reduce your web traffic and revenue. It could also lead to bad reviews; bringing down your website reputation and web traffic. It is, therefore, worthwhile to improve your website regularly to ensure your customers have a good experience. Some tactics you can employ to improve...
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How Can a Help Desk Software Improve Customer Service in Healthcare

Did you know before making an appointment with a doctor, 83% of patients visit the hospital’s website? Around 1 in 20 searches on Google are health-related topics. These numbers show how important it is to have a responsive website for a healthcare business. Now, along with creating and maintaining a website for your healthcare business,...
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An Insider View on Customer Support Strategies with Lindsay Willott

Every brand in the market wishes to revamp its customer support strategies after a certain period of time. No wonder we come across so many articles online that speak of various strategies that organizations can implement to improve their customer service. But are these articles sufficient enough to revamp the existing strategies? Well, I’d say...
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How Surveys Help in Making Data Driven Decisions

Data is the new oil. Data is the fuel for the modern marketing machinery; Data has changed how businesses operate. But like every mineral in its raw, unprocessed form, data is just a bunch of numbers, graphs, and information.  The result of this surge in the value of data? Companies are willing to spend large...
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All for One and One for All: How to Get Agents Collaborating

Process improvement never happens in isolation, whether it’s about increasing the efficiency of your supply chain, or enhancing the quality and timeliness of your customer service interactions. To develop better ways of doing things in your organization, your team will need to collaborate and brainstorm ways of optimizing business processes or to make the job...
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Expert Roundup: What Does Great Customer Service Mean to You?

Whenever organizations ask, “what does great customer service mean to you?”, I end up saying “it depends!” And, it is true. What could be a great aspect for me can turn out to be an average aspect for others during their customer journey. But imagine this, there is an eCommerce platform that you think of...
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What is a Help Desk Software and What are its Benefits?

Imagine this: You are booking a cab to work and running low on cab wallet. So, you make a transaction online and go forward to book your cab. However, you discover to your horror that the cab wallet failed to show the right balance, even after the successful bank transaction. What do you do? You...
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What is Survey Fatigue & How to Avoid It?

Surveys have long established their place as the best customer engagement tool available to companies. And as such every company sends out feedback and satisfaction surveys to all their customers. Be it for a new product launch or an after sales survey, on an average a customer partakes in at least 20 surveys initiated by...
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5 Golden Rules for Customer-Centric Copywriting Your Support Reps Should Use

Your company is the best in the business. You have world-class products because you buy from the best suppliers using top-notch materials. Everyone buys from you and your competitors cannot even come close in matching your quality and product range! Strangely, for some reason, you can’t increase your market share and move forward. Even though...
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