Customer Support

Difference Between a Customer Support Hero and an Agent

Did you know that 55% of customers are willing to pay more for a quality experience? Reduction of customer efforts is a crucial factor in customer loyalty, therefore it comes as no surprise that customer service over social media increased by 250% in the last two years. However, what most people don’t know is that...
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7 Tips to Reap the Best out of ProProfs Chat

Live chat has become one of the most reliable tools that foster business growth. However, the tool’s usefulness strongly depends on the user, so if you do not know how to adequately utilize your live chat, you won’t end up with the expected results. Here at ProProfs, we want to help our clients make the...
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Transform Your Small Business to Enterprise Business with Live Chat

Yes, you heard that right! Growing a small business is a challenge, but it’s a greater challenge not to use the right strategies that help it becomes an enterprise business. Every big company started out small. Believe it or not, Hewlett-Packard was just two people working in a garage and McDonalds started out with just...
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4 Quick Steps To Offer Support On Mobile with live chat app

In the last couple of decades, the ever-growing use of smartphones has started to influence the online businesses in numerous ways. The rise in mobile traffic leads us to the market where desktop live support is no more considered as the most efficient way of reaching out to the customers. It has been observed that...
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How to Improve Customer Service Using Live Chat

In this digital age where we spend most of our time online interacting with automated response bots, a little human touch goes a long way in making things personalized. Call centers came into existence with the aim to support sales and after-sales services of companies. However, customers do not have the time and patience to...
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Must Have Features Of Best-In-Class Live Chat Software For Startups

Every business that pays attention to customers’ satisfaction considers live chat support as a vital part of client servicing. It assumes greater relevance for the small businesses and startups that have just started to position themselves in the online world. There is no denying that when you make your customers feel important and supported, they’ll...
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How Should Retailers Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment may sound as a pretty abstract concept to the people who’ve recently entered the world of e-commerce. However, this is a situation all online retailers experience on a daily basis, no matter how successful their businesses are. Truth is, there are plenty of factors that causes cart abandonment. Every action that impacts...
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Top 10 Live Chat Etiquettes​ to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Why do people love certain brands? A lot of the times it has something to do with the friendliness of their customer services department. Delighted customers, who receive consistent and satisfying customer service, are always a big asset for any business as they often turn out to be the evangelists for the brand. One of...
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