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10 Ways Technology Will Affect the Future of Customer Service

What’s your impression of good customer service?Most businesses do their best to serve their audience in the most effective way possible. The customers demand greater efficiency, so businesses compete to deliver it. According to Customers 2020: A Progress Report by Walker, consumers will consider customer service to be more important than product and pricing by...
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AOV vs. LTV: Why Customer Lifetime Value Matters

Bundling? Free shipping? Suggested items? All of these eCommerce strategies work toward the same goal: getting customers to buy more on each visit, increasing the average order value. And they hold an important place in boosting revenue for your eCommerce brand. But what about increasing the lifetime value of your customers? Focusing on increasing order...
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How to Chat With Customers Online: 9 Effective Tips for Customer Support

Customer expectations are on the rise. Now, how updated are you in meeting their expectations at all times? No doubt, instant help is their top priority, and live chat is the solution. Except, it’s just the first step. Your customer support operators need to know how to chat with customers online to keep them hooked...
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Why Do You Need to Rethink Your Customer’s Journey

Customer journey mapping has become such a buzzword in business that 34% of companies are already implementing it into their customer service. However, the idea behind mapping the customer journey is quite intuitive. It’s an abstract thing that helps you visualize how customers are converting. While innovative at the time the idea was introduced, the...
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How to Lower Bounce Rate & Boost Conversions with Live Chat Software

It’s true that managing a website is not just about updating content every single day; rather it is all about improving its performance by optimizing quite a few variables like conversion rate, visitor count, search engine ranking, bounce rate etc. There is no denying that luring the attention of your audience through all the noise...
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250+ Survey Question Examples For Your Feedback Forms

If you want the right answers for your survey, ask the right survey questions. But what exactly are the RIGHT survey questions? In this article, we tell you just that. To make your survey questions design process easier, we have compiled a comprehensive survey question bank that covers the most basic questions to the most...
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The Great Data Debate: Personalization vs Privacy What Really Matters

Data is the new oil. It is essential to the running of a business, and every company wants more of it. The influence of data collection can be seen in our day-to-day lives. Be it your ad recommendations, shopping recommendations, and so on. But just how much data is too much data in the hands...
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How to Handle Difficult Customers

Generating new business and growing your company is surely a tough task. Winning new business and then providing world-class customer service is surely not without its ups and downs. You do your best to build out a team—inside sales, outside sales, customer success—to get them to work as an efficient, customer-focused unit. You train them...
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How to Build a Customer Retention Strategy

Do you have a customer retention strategy? If not, your business may be at risk. Companies focus on customer acquisition strategies, since increasing your customer count is the lifeblood of your business. But, customer acquisition won’t help, if you are unable to retain customers. The cost to acquire customers can be very high, especially if...
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Live Chat Best Practices for Your Sales Team

Live chat for sales has become a lot more popular among customers. And, why not? A live chat software is known to promote: Instant help Instant resolution Instant delight In short, live chat encourages best practices in customer service industry that makes it one of the best media to interact with a brand hassle-free. It...
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