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A Step-by-step Guide to Provide Exceptional Customer Support

Everyone says that customer support used to be easy. Now, note the past tense in that. For an 18th century blacksmith, the questions and concerns from customers were pretty simple. Solutions came easily too. At least it was obvious that customers would simply walk to the store whenever they needed support.  And then came the...
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5 Ways to Politely Say No to Customers: With Real-Life Examples

What is the most dreadful thing during customer interactions? Being in a situation where you have to say No to the customer- Isn’t it?  There are times, and really often too, that a customer comes to you with a request that is just not possible for you to fulfill. Like, imagine your company has a...
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50+ Customer Engagement Statistics for 2020

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” — Bill Gates Elaborating on this maxim, I would also like to add that unhappy customers can ruin the brand value in minutes. It takes less than a minute for an angry customer to post their bitter experiences online. Type, type, click, and the damage is done!...
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What Is Multi Channel Customer Service and Why It Is Important

Do you think customers today will take the pain to stand in a queue to resolve a query or ask a question? Obviously they won’t.  The current digitally dominant world has reduced the wait time to seconds, and no one wants to resort to old school methods of communicating with their favorite brands. When they can...
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Customer Advocacy – A Term Changing the Dynamics of Marketing

If I were to ask you what’s the most trusted source for knowing whether a product or service is worth taking? Would you say: Product/service reviews? Research?  Competitor Prices? What if I were to tell you that the aspect that genuinely tops the list is what your friends and family think? Let’s say a friend...
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What is Customer Value and How to Create It

If I were to ask you what is customer value, what would you say? How loyal are they to your brand? How much do they spend on your products? Or any profit you reap from your customers? I’d say you are spot on.  But, there is more to it than just “profits” and many companies...
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Customer Service Recovery Guide: Steps to Make It Right

Every single company in the world wishes to offer delightful customer service.  But, a lot of companies don’t have a plan in place when things go wrong during the customer service process. Let’s take an example. In 2017 a shocking incident came to light when it was reported that a 69-year-old Kentucky doctor, David Dao,...
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9 SaaS Customer Lifecycle Stages

Has this ever happened to you?  That you bought a SaaS product and then completely forget that it exists?  The SaaS customer lifecycle is something that is continuously growing and ever-evolving.  There really is no autopilot that you can put into action and then arrive at the end of the journey. Don’t forget that the...
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What is a Shared Inbox?

As a support agent, you need to be on your top game when dealing with customer issues.  You can’t lose your temper.  You can’t be agitated if your customers don’t understand the solution you propose. You need to be totally honest, calm, and polite when dealing with customers.  But, what if you don’t have a...
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What is Customer Churn? Learn About Types & Effects of Churn

An average company loses 10 to 30 percent customers annually and gaining new customers is around 10 times costlier than keeping the existing ones happy – Philip Kotler. These words from the father of modern marketing, themselves indicate how crucial the customers are for any business. While most people think that acquiring customers is the...
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