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How to Engage Your Customers in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread like wildfire, taking people’s lives, and severely impacting various economies across the globe. From the biggest MNCs to new startups, businesses are getting chills down their spine as the road ahead seems to be full of unprecedented challenges. What about your customers? You need to realize that although people...
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What Is the Difference Between CSAT, CES, and NPS? Pros & Cons Explained

Are you just thinking about starting your own business? Or are you already working on growing one? No matter what your perspective is, so far, you’re probably aware of how unpredictable and demanding the modern market may be. Opposite to the old-fashioned concept of commerce, modern ways of doing business (and particularly e-commerce!) go far...
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How to Communicate With Customers During Coronavirus Outbreak

Did you watch the OnePlus April 2020 launch event? After months of anticipation and multiple speculations, I finally had the opportunity to see what new specs made their “Lead with Speed” series special and what’s new for the customers. But that’s when something else caught my eye. For the first time, I saw a flawless...
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Pandemic Planning for Businesses: How to Cope up With COVID-19

Tough times are inevitable in life and in business. But how you compose yourself during those times defines your spirit and will define your future.” – Richard Branson, Founder- Virgin Group As the world gradually adapts to the current COVID-19 pandemic and more and more people move indoors to practice social distancing, businesses, globally, are...
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How to Set Measurable Customer Service Goals for Your Team

From customer service, support to experience, you have a lot to accomplish to keep your customers satisfied.  Well, that’s because 87% of satisfied customers are more likely to upgrade or add services and are less likely to cancel. And, ultimately become brand loyals. So, to make sure your customers are satisfied with your brand, you...
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101 Guide on Good Customer Service

“When you help others feel important, you help yourself feel important too.” – David J. Schwartz, Author, and Motivational Speaker That’s exactly what Lego did for a seven-year old Luka Apps who was devastated after losing his favorite toy – Ninjago. The boy wrote a heartfelt letter to the company saying: Well, the company was thrilled...
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How to Create a Customer Oriented Culture

There is only one boss: the customer. He can fire everybody in the company, from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. – Sam Walton This statement by Sam Walton is probably one of the best descriptions of the modern market conditions. It pretty much explains the value of customers and gives...
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8 Strategies to Make Ticket Escalation Process More Effective

Resolving customer issues on the first contact is the ultimate aim of every organization. Failure to do so can cause customers to rate a company’s customer service as inadequate. This has implications – statistics show that most customers – 89% – start buying from competitors due to poor customer service experience according to a report by Oracle. ...
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15 Customer Service Psychology Tips to Provide Better Support

We’ve seen popular brands create some of the most memorable and successful customer service stories. And we’ve all tried to follow their footsteps. But rather than following them, why not see what really worked for them? Believe it or not, but customer service psychology is one of the driving factors for their success. Well, just...
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