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A Comprehensive Guide to Using Canned Messages for Live Chat

Customers have become more demanding than ever, thanks to the growing number of competing firms selling similar products. Owing to the increase and a significant surge in customer expectations, your business can no longer sustain the price of poor customer service. In fact, Accenture claims that 66 percent of customers switch companies due to poor...
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Be Proactive, Boost Website Engagement With Real-Time Visitor Monitoring

Customer service is no less than a battleground these days, owing to the rise in customer expectations. Going on the lines of “You Miss, I hit”, competitors can steal your customers in seconds, even if their product is not as promising as yours. In fact, 7 out of 10 Americans won’t mind switching services for...
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How to Establish The Ultimate Omni-Channel Customer Support System

The quality of customer support not only plays a big role in the profitability of a company but also determines the number of loyal customers. As recent reports suggest, 55% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. Although bringing in a new rush of customers makes sense, however, loyal customers continue...
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Ever Considered Adding a Live Chat to Your Digital Classroom

The “chalk and blackboard” model ruled the education sector until digital classrooms took the world by storm. The offline model has many limitations such as attending a physical classroom and paying for hefty accommodation if someone is moving across cities. The digital model, on the other hand, is convenient and a participant can learn any...
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Chat Rating: Best Way to Get Customer Feedback

“Your Most Unhappy Customers are Your Greatest Source of Learning” Bill Gates The quality of customer service determines the future of any business, no matter the size. When customers are happy with your service, they become repeat buyers and join your “loyal” tribe. Angry and agitated customers, on the other hand, are unhappy customers who...
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6 Reasons to Use Live Chat Support Software

What is the burning desire of every business? Increase market share through customer loyalty! What is the major cause of losing customers in an e-commerce environment? Unaddressed customer “pain points”. Pain points are the chronic issues (or even new ones) that have been unresolved for extended periods of time. Business analytics and data mining reports...
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5 Key Performance Indicators You Need for an Outstanding Customer Support

Everyone running a business wonders at some point if what they are doing is enough for the clients and how satisfied (or dissatisfied) they might be. In our every day more competitive and automated world, something will remain and always make the difference: the human interaction of a customer service. And we all know that...
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7 Experts Share Their Advice on Top 3 Customer Service Skills required to Succeed

The customer satisfaction depends on the customer service skills of an individual to professionally handle and deal with various consumers. If you let your customers down then there are chances of losing potential buyers. The report done by customer impact business depicted that almost 89% of consumer stopped buying products due to low customer service. Hence,...
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10 Things Never to Say to a Customer on Live Chat

My first full-time job as a grown-up was into customer service. And I’ll never forget that first time I literally got an earful from my manager, and rightly so. I was hired to work as a live chat operator for a computer hardware store, and like most other young people, I was super confident. So,...
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Difference Between a Customer Support Hero and an Agent

Did you know that 55% of customers are willing to pay more for a quality experience? Reduction of customer efforts is a crucial factor in customer loyalty, therefore it comes as no surprise that customer service over social media increased by 250% in the last two years. However, what most people don’t know is that...
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