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Over 100,000 courses & tests created. Over 4 million learners

Great for training employees
ProProfs has been a great tool to Create online training for hundreds of employees in US & Canada. ProProfs has allowed us to provide over 3,000 sessions, anytime & anywhere.
Troy Marble,Safety Manager Kiewit Pacific Co.
Troy Marble
Ideal for the classroom
ProProfs is an effective, highly functional, user friendly and convenient way to conduct almost every assessment you can imagine. I highly recommend it as a tool for quizzes and tests. I found it ideal for the classroom, in both on-ground and online learning environments.

Nance Rosen, UCLA (University of California, LA)
Nance Rosen
Troy Marble,
Safety Manager at Kiewit Pacific
Nance Rosen,
UCLA (University of California, LA)

How it works?


Create Online Courses

  • Create courses & elearning content
  • Add videos, docs, presentations
  • Add custom articles & media
  • Add tests, exams & quizzes
  • Branding & Security options

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Tracking & Reporting

  • Track progress
  • Quiz Stats & Reports
  • Issue certificates
  • Collect data about students
  • Insightful Reports

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ProProfs is perfect for:

Corporate Tests

Employee Training

Create employee training or customer training. Get administrative controls & reports.

Educational Courses

Create courses & online tests. Distribute securely with automatic grading & reporting.
Fun Quizzes

eLearning Content

Create any public or private elearning course. Access anytime/anywhere and across devices.

ProProfs Training Maker is a powerful online course creation & learning management system that allows trainers and educators to make courses and administer learners. As an integrated software, educational institutions and businesses can use it to create online assessments, surveys, courses and polls to deliver comprehensive training and educational programs. ProProfs Training Maker offers powerful features such as the ability to upload existing learning materials including presentations, PDFs and videos, as well as online content. Its also bundled with advanced tracking features such as, compliance reports and more.

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Training Maker Software Features

World's leading way to create online training & courses

Free and SIMPLE
For all skill levels. No HTML experience or software download required.
Training Management Software
Manage learners through our powerful Learning management system .
Training Tracking!
Our training tracking software provides reports about a person, group, location etc.
Customize your Brand
Host quiz on ProProfs or change the logo and colors to embed on your website.
Security Controls
Keep your courses secure and confidential with password settings, privacy control and more.
Elearning Software
Create elearning courses that are iPad, mobile, Facebook or Twitter compliant.
Create Online Courses
Create online courses for employees or students with anytime, anywhere access.
Create Quizzes & Surveys
Add quizzes, tests and surveys to your courses with our bundled market leading quiz maker.
Superb Analytics!
Detailed reports of completed, pending and in progress attempts for each user.

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