Resident Bill of Rights - Individual Illustrated Booklets

Residents' Rights. ... The law requires nursing homes to “promote and protect the rights of each resident” and places a strong emphasis on individual dignity and self-determination. Nursing homes must meet federal residents' rights requirements ...

Geriatric Care Manager Certification Exam Prep

The following certification exam prep is based on material presented in the Handbook of Geriatric Care Management.

Human Resources Specialist Knowledge Test

This exam will test your knowledge that you have gained with the training that you have received. Using the resources available to you, including general employee handbooks, policies and procedures, you will be able to use this test a comprehensive self assessment tool.

Water Related Diseases

Test your knowledge Waterborne diseases, including cholera, typhoid, and dysentery, are caused by drinking water containing infectious viruses or bacteria, which often come from human or animal waste. Water-washed diseases, such as skin and eye infections, are caused by l...

Marketing Skills Assessment

Find out how much does your marketing team understands the basics of marketing.  Get them to take this quiz and assess their knowledge easily!

Basic Case Management

This test should be taken after the completion of the Basic Case Management on-line training.  You can either complete the test electronically or by hand.  To complete the test electronically, please first save the document into your computer.  Please answer all questions.

CNA Practice Exam 1

Do you want to test your CNA knowledge? Let's play this CNA practice quiz and prove yourself!

Customer Service Training Quiz

Spending a fortune on training customer service reps? Use this quiz to find out the outcome of your customer support trainings!

Nursing Home Administration - Knowledge Test

Over 350 skills and knowledge based questions on nursing home and healthcare administration!  For just $1/day you can keep sharp on critical industry relevant topics.  Good luck!

NCLEX Test Intensive

The NCLEX exam is a standardized exam that each state board of nursing uses to determine whether or not a candidate is prepared for entry-level nursing practice. The quiz below is best suited to help you as you revise for that nursing exam. Give it a try and all the best! Over 400 questions! ...

Business Administration in Healthcare environment

Understand the principles of Business Administration in Healthcare environment and the role of fiscal responsibility.

Nursing Management Knowledge Test

As a nurse leader in the busy healthcare industry, you need to keep your skills sharp on the fundamentals of managing direct care staff on a day-to-day basis. Use this test to do just that. You can also use the 200-plus questions to test the skills and knowledge of those who work beside you! Good lu...