This certification test will verify your knowledge of the recruiting education material covered in the webinars provided by the 501(c)3 nonprofit Recruiting Education Foundation, Inc. via the website The quiz contains 20 multiple choice and true/false questions randomly selected from a pool of 45 questions. Certification requires a passing score of 80% (16 of 20 correct). You will have 25 minutes to complete the test.  

5 Sample Questions

Which of the following is one of the three rules of being a parent?

  • A. Your child’s future is your responsibility, not the coaches or counselors
  • B. Make your child play a sport whether they want to or not
  • C. Meet with the coaches about your child’s playing time as often as needed
  • D. Your coach is there to manage the entire recruiting process for your child

The term “Full Ride” means a 4-year guaranteed athletic scholarship.

  • A. True
  • B. False
  • C. The term “full ride” technically does not exist. Only DI schools have the option to guarantee more than one year of aid.

Approximately what percentage of high school student-athletes receive an athletic scholarship?

  • A. 1%
  • B. 3%
  • C. 10%
  • D. 30%

Approximately what percentage of high school student-athletes will realize a 4-year Division I athletic scholarship?

  • A. Less than 1%
  • B. 3%
  • C. 11%
  • D. 25%

What percentage of student-athletes entering college on an athletic scholarship will no longer be on an athletic scholarship at the start of what would be their sophomore year?

  • A. 10%
  • B. 26%
  • C. 33%
  • D. 45%