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5 Sample Questions

Public law 94-142 and its amendments including PL 99-457 and PL 101-476 are incorporated into...

  • A. Individual with Disabilities Education Act
  • B. Mentality Disordered Children Act
  • C. Special Needs Educational Act
  • D. Disabled Children Educational Act

Disallowing expulsion of a student whose behavior is caused by his or her disabilities is a result of...

  • A. Fox vs Wyoming Case
  • B. Brown vs Board of Education
  • C. Honing vs Doc Case
  • D. Council vs Topeka Kansas Case

Assistive technologies must be provided by the school district when it is...

  • A. Students use for researching projects or homework assignments
  • B. Teachers personal use
  • C. For classroom entertainment
  • D. Necessary for a student’s appropriate education

What court case guaranteed education to children with mental retardation...

  • A. Gonzalez vs Florida
  • B. Honing vs Doc
  • C. Fox vs Kansas
  • D. Brown vs Board Of Education

                                             Exclusion of mentally retarded children from free public education  was challenge by...

  • A. Pennsylvania Association for the Retarded Children
  • B. Florida's Special Needs Organization
  • C. New Jerseys Board of Mentally Disabled Children
  • D. Ohio's Board Of Education