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Create Technical Documentations Quickly & Easily

Powerful authoring features that make developing technical manuals a piece of cake

Create technical documentations

ProProfs Knowledge Base is an easy to use authoring and publishing software with an intuitive interface for creating, publishing and managing technical documentation. The intuitive, but feature-rich interface, allows technical writers and content developers to create and share advanced technical manuals and articles easily. Advanced features for maximum authoring efficiency and content reuse, such as content snippets and merge tags, allow you to capture and share critical technical information across the company.

  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Create, publish and share technical manuals
  • Advanced features for authoring efficiency

With Powerful Version Control, Make as Many Edits as you Like

Take full control of your documents with version control and track all revisions

Take full control of your documents with version control

Updated an entire technical manual without realizing you accidentally removed an important section? No problem. A powerful version control system built into the ProProfs Knowledge Base not only keeps track of the document history, but also lets you track what was changed, by whom, and when. If you don’t like a particular update, restoring a manual to a previous version is as easy as a click of a button.

  • View document history
  • Roll back documents to a previous version
  • Track changes with version control
  • Never lose an important data

Powerful Search That Lets Your Customers Find any Article Instantly

An intelligent search engine that compliments your knowledge base

Create Powerful documentations

Your knowledge base might have been structured perfectly with the right categories and subcategories, but your customers are looking for instant answers. The first place that most customers will go to, is the search box. ProProfs Knowledge Base makes sure that the right documents are displayed in response to the keywords and at a lightning speed. This technical documentation software is comprised of best in class search engine integrated that delivers results fast, even with thousands of manuals and documents.

  • Best in class search engine
  • Empower customers with self help
  • Find answers anytime anywhere
  • Quickly find the right document from thousands

Delight Customers With Contextual Help

Offer useful tool tips, lightboxes, and popups for efficient knowledge sharing

Delight customers with contextual help

Learning to use a complex technical document can be a difficult and frustrating process. But ProProfs has taken every measure possible to make reading and understanding technical documentation a rewarding experience. With context-sensitive help (or, Contextual help) that includes useful too tips, lightboxes and pop us, it becomes easier for clients get over a steep learning curve, especially for software technical documents with a ton of functionality. These content “extras” presented in the documentation software interface make for a seamless learning experience.

  • Build tooltips, lightboxes and popups
  • Make reading technical documentation a rewarding experience
  • Provide useful content extras for seamless learning
  • Simplify the learning curve for technical documents

Track How Your Knowledge Base is Being Used

Make constant improvements with insightful reports and feedback

Track how your Knowledge Base is being used

You can view and track the use of your knowledge base by visiting the “Reports” section. Find out how many times an article was viewed in the knowledge base, what your customers are searching for, the answers they were able to find or the search queries which showed no results. The percentage of customers still asking for help after browsing is also automatically shown. You can also track all documents rated “unhelpful” by your customers and make improvements as needed.

  • Monitor performance of your technical documents
  • Reports are accompanied by beautiful charts for readability
  • Identify failed searches that need new articles
  • Find articles rated unhelpful and improve their quality

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