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Let Your Help Content be Found Easily

Include table of contents and use intelligent search

Help customers locate the right content instantly using intelligent search features. Suggest relevant pages, files or videos to readers for a seamless search experience. Use beautiful templates to build engaging software documentation. Add table of contents and crosslinking to make your online documents easily searchable for clients. Leverage SEO optimization features to make your content rank high on search engines.

Create a Beautiful and Mobile-Friendly Document

Add videos, graphics, audio, images and more

create software documentation

This feature-rich documentation authoring software allows you to add videos, audio, images, infographics and much more to make your software document interactive and engaging to read. Choose from a wide array of designs and themes to create documentation that looks stunning as well as professional. Also, your content will be compatible with various devices, including mobile, tablets and laptops. Customers can access it anytime and from any device.

  • Create engaging documents
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Provide anytime, anywhere access

Explain Technical Terms & Concepts Easily

Delight readers by providing the right help at the right time

online software documentation

Provide instant and context-sensitive help to your readers by using lightboxes, tooltips, and popups. Make your online software documentation user-friendly and easy-to-understand. Delight customers whenever they are stuck by providing them additional help. Help your clients comprehend technical software-related jargons by explaining complex concepts and terms in a better way.

  • Tooltips to describe concepts in detail
  • Lightboxes for additional help
  • Popups to explain technical jargons

Enhance Collaboration in Your Team

Let your team share and find knowledge on a single platform

Monitor who can access/edit specific documents or parts of it, grant or revoke access of the document and assign roles to different members of the team so as to streamline the process of editing, contributing and managing content. Keep track of content edits by multiple editors and revert any document to its previous version, if needed, with the revision history feature.

  • Assign roles
  • Grant permissions
  • Revoke access

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