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Easiest Way to Author Content

Create pages instantly, build structured online manuals
create user manual online

Create online manuals which explain steps clearly using images and structured table of contents. Unlock content that is stuck in Word docs and other instructional materials, at a single click. Simplify online software documentation with tooltips and cross-referencing other help articles with the industry’s best user manual creation software.

  • Create user guides with a WYSIWYG editor
  • Transform Word docs & files into online user manuals
  • Explain technical terms with tooltips

Build Visually-Rich, Mobile Content

Add graphics, videos & more to your help documentation
Create user manuals

With ProProfs online manual software, you can create stunning & professionally designed help documentation for your online help centers, wikis, manuals, product guides and more. Your content; which can include text, audio or even videos, is automatically made compatible for different mobiles, tablets, browsers and operating software. This means that readers can access your help articles, video tutorials; etc, from anywhere, anytime and any device.

  • Create interactive help content
  • Web, mobile, tablet & print ready
  • Customize the CSS

Improve Searchability of Help Content

Add table of contents, intelligent search & more
Online documentation tools

ProProfs help documentation software comes with an intelligent search feature that suggests pages, files and videos helping readers easily navigate through your software documentation. Along with an intuitive search functionality, you can add table of contents, breadcrumbs and cross-linking to make the documentation highly searchable for readers. Taking this a step further, you can even makes your help content rank on search engines with our SEO optimization features.

  • Intelligent and quick search
  • Table of content & breadcrumbs
  • SEO optimization features

Reuse & Update Content With Ease

Use conditional content rules, merge tags & more
Software documentation tool

Reusing your online help documentation is easy with ProProfs online document editor. You can instantly clone an existing document and create differently branded version of it. You can also create online documentation that contains customized content for readers based in their country, IP address, viewing devices and more with conditional content. What's more, you can update help documentation, across all your help sites, at a click using merge tags.

Context-Sensitive Help for Manuals & Guides

Use tooltips, lightbox or checkboxes at a click
Technical manual writing software

You can offer users a delightful experience, while reading your online manuals, by making use of context sensitive help. For instance, you can use an embedded tooltip to further explain a specific product. Similarly, you can use lightboxes and popups to offer users additional help content in your manual or guide.

Create Once. Publish Everywhere

Save time by writing once and publishing to web, mobile and print
User manual creator

Publish your content as PDF or HTML in real-time without worrying about uploading HTML files, FTP or any coding at your end. ProProfs online documentation tool ensures that your content can be viewed on all mobile devices and browsers including iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS and more.

  • One source, multiple outputs
  • View your manuals on phones and tablets
  • Publish as a webpage, PDF, ebook & more

Collaborate With Teams

Get your team involved to create and manage knowledge quickly
IT documentation tool​​

Bring teams together to create online guides by assigning user roles - editors, contributors and administrators. You can also grant or revoke access to control who can edit which content while you create documents online. Even with multiple editors, you never lose any content as everything is saved under revision history.

  • Grant or revoke access
  • Prevent overwriting with restrictions
  • Assign roles & permissions

100+ Settings, Powerful Integrations

Tons of integrations, single sign on, CSS/HTML access & more
​Integrate with third party apps

With ProProfs documentation tool, you can integrate with tons of powerful tools such as Zendesk, Wufoo, Google Analytics and more. Managing your documentation is also easy with features such as conditional content and merge tags. Additionally, you can design and configure your knowledge base using HTML and CSS.

  • Integrate with powerful tools
  • Configure with HTML and CSS
  • Explore advanced content settings


ProProfs Online Documentation Software is used by leading enterprises, educational institutions as well as small and medium businesses. With stunning & professional designs, create user documentation for your online help centers, wikis, electronic manuals, product guides and more. Centralize documents and find answers to all your questions. Online documentation tools are great to boost knowledge, reduce customer tickets and support calls.

User Manual
User Manual

A structured user manual that explains product specifications and the installation procedure.

Online Documentation
Online Documentation

An online instructional guide that gives high level solution into platform architecture along with list of features and functionalities.

Online FAQ
Website FAQ

A fully branded online FAQ that helps Unleashed Software's customers set up their new accounts.

Perfect For

Wiki Software
Wiki Software

Help your readers easily access and navigate help documentation by publishing it as an online wiki.

Help Authoring
Help Authoring

Create and publish help documentation as webpage, PDF, CHM or HTML file using a single tool.

Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management

Facilitate employee knowledge sharing & boost trainings with an effective corporate knowledge repository.


  • Everyone should give it a try!
    I love ProProfs user experience. The interface is easy to use yet packed with powerful settings.
    Daniel Stein
    Professor Daniel Stein,

    Director of Technology Initiatives, Touro College

  • Excellent Customer Service!
    ProProfs support is one of the best I have experienced. They truly care about their customers and deliver resolutions fast.
    Bill Wisell
    Bill Wisell,

    Health Licensing Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Human and Health Services

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