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Winner: Best Knowledge Management Software, Crozdesk
Winner: Top Rated Knowledge Management Software, Softwareworld
Winner: Bronze Stevie, American Business Awards
Winner: Best Knowledge Management Software, Crozdesk
Quality Choice Knolwedge Base Solution, Crozdesk
Winner: The Most Trusted Vendor Awards, Crozdesk
Winner: Gold, Brandom Hall Excellence Awards
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Winner: Gold, Brandom Hall Excellence Awards
Quality Choice Knolwedge Base Solution, Crozdesk
Winner: Gold, Brandom Hall Excellence Awards
Winner: Gold, Brandom Hall Excellence Awards
Winner: Bronze Stevie, American Business Awards
Winner: Bronze Stevie, American Business Awards

What is HR Document Management Software?

HR documentation software is a tool that HR professionals use to create and manage HR documents online. You can search for information instantly and track data of employees right from their day of joining using this tool. Simplify HR operations including keeping documents well-organized, reviewing them and sorting information. Create secure documentation that is accessible from any device including a smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Below are some of the key features of the HR Document Management Software.

Easy Document Editor
Easy Document Editor

Write, edit and upload content easily. Choose from basic or advanced formatting options to style your content.

Anytime, Anywhere Access
Anytime, Anywhere Access

Access your HR document from any device like mobile, tablet, and laptop.

Roles & Permissions
Roles & Permissions

Assign roles to individuals or groups to ensure the security of your HR Document. Control who has what access.

Create a Centralized HR Document

Write and edit easily with MS Word-like editor

Create online HR documentation

Build an HR document from scratch effortlessly with our HR document management system. Write and edit content with WYSIWYG editor. Upload word docs, PDFs, images, videos, and presentations directly to your document. Choose from a wide array of themes and fonts for styling and branding. Add your brand name and logo to the document and customize it the way you want.

  • Upload PDFs, Word docs, images & more
  • Pick your favorite theme and font style
  • Customize with your brand logo & more

Increase Your HR Team’s Productivity

Provide your HR team a seamless information source

Make online HR documentation searchable

Give your HR team a tool that provides instant access to information and boost their productivity. Use our Google-like search functionality to provide a seamless search experience to readers. Auto-complete question as a user starts typing in their question. Cross-link help articles and direct users to relevant pages. Create a highly searchable document using our HR document management system.

  • Make your document searchable
  • Auto-complete questions as one types
  • Cross-link relevant articles

Provide Anytime, Anywhere Access

Access HR documentation from any device, anytime

Access your HR documentation easily from anywhere

Create a document that is compatible with various devices including laptops, tablets, and mobiles, using our HR documentation software. It lets your HR team access your online HR document anytime and from anywhere they want. Store your document on the cloud and provide your HR staff with 24*7 accessibility.

  • Store your document on the cloud
  • Provide round-the-clock access
  • Works great on all devices

Ensure HR Document Security

Assign roles and permissions to ensure security

Create a secure HR document with our HR document management system. Keep it public if you want it to be visible to everyone or make it private if you want only select individuals to view your HR document. Assign roles like administrator, editor, contributor, and viewer to specific groups and empower them to manage the document. Grant or revoke access rights anytime you want. Create rules for content visibility and save them to use across multiple sites.

  • Make your document public or private
  • Grant or revoke access to documents
  • Save rule sets to use across multiple sites

ProProfs Knowledge Base – Tailored to Your Industry

ProProfs Knowledge Base software is customizable to suit your industry-specific needs. Your HR team can use it to streamline their operations by centralizing all HR documents at one platform. HR documentation software lets you build a robust HR document that can be accessed easily from any device. Tracking employee data and navigating through documents is extremely easy when all your content is securely stored at a single location.

IT documentation
Information Technology

Easily create and manage IT documents with IT documentation software.

call center knowledge base
Call Center

Reduce call hold time and customer tickets by up to 80% by creating a rich knowledge base for your support staff with our call center knowledge base software.

Sales enablement knowledge base

Build an impressive knowledge base with sales enablement software. Equip your sales teams with insights on popular and poorly rated articles.


  • HR documentation WYSIWYG Interface WYSIWYG Interface

    What you see while editing is exactly what you get when you publish, with the exception of the design toolbar.

  • Users & Roles in HR Documentation Software Users & Roles

    As the admin of your knowledge base, you can add multiple users, assign them roles and control what they do.

  • Multiple Device Support for HR Documentation Device Support

    Tons of devices supported including iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Lumia, Kindle Fire, Nexus, Galaxy, HTC & many more.

  • Highly Searchable HR Documentation Software Highly Searchable

    Find answers instantly with a highly searchable knowledge base.

  • HR Documentation Software with Analytics & Reports Analytics & Reports

    Learn what users are searching. Integrate with Google Analytics.

  • Security Controls in HR Documentation Software Security Controls

    Keep your knowledge base secure with password & privacy controls.

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