Knoa delivers enterprise and cloud solutions that generate unique insights for the optimization of the end-user experience for SAP, Siebel, and other platforms. Knoa’s patented software provides CIOs and business executives the actionable metrics needed to ensure organizations and end-users realize the full value of their enterprise application investment. Headquartered in Union Square, New York, Knoa’s solutions help hundreds of global corporations and government organizations make impactful, real-time, fact-based decisions that enrich and maximize the experience for over a million end-users.


Prior to ProProfs, we used Forrest, which is an open-source, XML-based authoring tool. We found the authoring and publishing process cumbersome. It required setup of the environment for every content producer, familiarity with the XML syntax, building the site and correcting any syntax errors, and copying the site in bulk to the webserver. This process was required every time we had to make the smallest changes. It had become increasingly challenging for us to keep our documentation in sync with our software, so we started looking for alternatives.


ProProfs enabled us to produce the documentation in the same way we develop our software: in an agile fashion. Even more importantly, it fostered collaboration across technical and non-technical teams, which was our number one priority in selecting ProProfs. Because ProProfs is very user-friendly, everyone in our team (not just tech writers) could contribute to the documentation. ProProfs also allowed the content team to publish documentation without having to wait for it to go into their development build cycle. This increased efficiency and reduced content generation time drastically. With the migration to ProProfs, we integrated four previous user guides into a single, homogenous site – which provides content for a wide audience, including product users, system administrators, developers, and third-party partners.


The feedback from our customers has been excellent. Our customers have reported that they liked their new documentation. Now it’s simpler and much easier to find what they are looking for. Customers also liked the fact that documentation is now in one central repository, which made it easy to self-serve and find the information they need without looking through multiple user manuals.

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