Ingersoll Rand (NYSE: IR) is a globally diversified industrial company founded in 1871. It has offices located across the globe, employing more than 10,000 people. Ingersoll Rand advances the quality of life by creating a comfortable, sustainable, and efficient environment. It is committed to meeting the world’s growing need for clean air, safe and fresh food, energy efficiency, and sustainable business practices. Ingersoll Rand is passionate about building a better future, a world of sustainable progress, and enduring results.


We offer Nexia Home Intelligence, one of the most powerful tools available for home automation. We needed an online product manual for Nexia users to learn how to use the app. The online manual would contain guidelines, policies, and training materials so the users would learn how to use the app and provide self-help. Prior to ProProfs, we were using PDFs and a home-grown system, which made it very difficult for our content authors to maintain or collaborate.


ProProfs solved this problem by providing a web-based solution. Now our team can easily collaborate and simultaneously work on a project from anywhere in the world. We also liked the fact that content could be instantly updated and published. We no longer have to wait for the documentation to be updated in our development release cycle.


ProProfs enabled us to build a rich resource of online documentation, including how-to content, troubleshooting steps, and faqs. Our authors could refine and improve our help documentation in real-time as support agents captured feedback on the phone or by the feedback feature on the bottom of each page. Because the interface made it so easy to create new content, we could roll out updates weekly, or even daily, based upon calls received by the support team.

Thanks to ProProfs Knowledge Base software, our customers could find information quickly without reaching out to support. We often received compliments from customers who were able to find what they needed without ever having to reach out to customer support. As we strive to achieve industry-leading support for our customers, ProProfs provided an excellent platform to deliver accurate information to all our customers and partners. Its features that we loved the most are - WYSIWYG editor, user feedback system, and its user-friendly layout.

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