Hoopla is a digital media service that helps you borrow music, ebooks, tv shows, comics, and much more on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or television. It makes downloading and streaming simple and also allows viewers to watch content offline. It helps you create your own public library and facilitates easy access to content.


Our growth has been nothing short of meteoric, and we needed an online site for our installation guide and product documentation. The solution had to be fast to implement and scale with our expanding customer base. We had built our help desk operation on Zendesk and ideally wanted our knowledge base to integrate directly into Zendesk.


Since ProProfs is cloud-based, we could implement and configure our help site extremely fast. Writers could be more productive with little if any, learning curve. Our tech writers could collaborate on the documentation in real-time from any computer. Our customers could access the product documentation with a single click from within Zendesk. Customers could quickly get to the appropriate help article either by searching or through the table of contents. Zendesk integration also boosted the efficiency of our support team. Support agents could easily access the ProProfs documentation directly from within Zendesk.


ProProfs’intuitive interface, easy-to-use editor, and integration with Zendesk made our new support site a big winner. A significant number of support tickets were reduced, and the help site was there to guide customers with installing and using Hoopla.

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