Descartes Systems (Germany) GmbH is a member of the Descartes Systems Group. It is one of the leading manufacturers of inventory management software and warehouse logistics solutions in the sphere of e-commerce. With solutions like pixi WMS and pixi ERP, Descartes covers all omnichannel back-end processes of e-commerce firms, right from customer order to barcode-based warehouse pick and pack processes, shipping, tracking, and billing.


Up until 2014, we were using a different tool for our end-user documentation which was not meant to be used for this. It proved inflexible, complicated, absolutely outdated, and not user-friendly. We had so many documentation articles that belonged together, but categorization was basically not possible at all. There was no search option and no easy editing tool. As a consequence, the end-user help did not improve much over time. Then, my former Manager found ProProfs and instantly fell in love with it.


After the existing documentation articles were migrated to ProProfs, the fun began. And I tell you - compared to the former system, our experience with this one was very good. Seamless user management, revision history, back up possibilities, different page statuses (in progress, draft, published, + custom statuses!), folders, linking between pages, managing our own CSS, easy switching between different languages (we use English and German), ... I can go on and on about the features of this software.

But the best of all - it's just easy to work with. Log in, edit the page and there you go. There are a lot of formatting options, and you can even check the source code, embed external media, and show/hide content based on self-defined rules. There is so much you can do with this software, and it’s so easy to do it.


The result of using ProProfs Knowledge Base software as our "new" tool for end-user documentation is that even other departments participate in writing articles. The process of user management contributes significantly to producing good quality content. Being a Product Manager, I can review articles and make changes before finally publishing it. Changes that are requested can be done quickly and effortlessly. Thanks to ProProfs, our end-user documentation is constantly growing, and now even other products of the company will find their way into ProProfs. We are happy.

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