Aquent Cloud developed RoboHead, a project management software solution, in 2004 that is specifically designed for marketing and creative professionals. The software is created to solve the day-to-day challenges of project managers, marketing directors, graphic designers, and the like. It’s a simple software that helps in delivering projects effortlessly.


We needed a central home online to post all of our product documentation and user guides. Because we used Zendesk for ticketing, we wanted a solution that integrated with Zendesk.


One key advantage of ProProfs is that it is cloud-based and can be accessed from computers everywhere. Authors can work on the ProProfs editor from any desktop computer and in a collaborative fashion. The application is extremely intuitive, and the implementation required very little (if any) technical expertise. We could organize our user guide in a logical format, making it simple for our customers to navigate.

ProProfs integration with Zendesk gave our support agents a powerful combination of support tools. Agents were able to search their ProProfs documentation from within Zendesk, making the support group much more productive.


Our web application now has an online home for all our user manuals and product documentation. ProProfs offered us overall ease of use, an intuitive interface, and integration with Zendesk.

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