Headquartered in California, U.S.A, Adobe is a leading computer software company that provides a wide array of solutions such as Adobe Document Cloud, Creative Cloud, and Experience Cloud. Majorly known for its Adobe Flash web software ecosystem, Acrobat Reader, the Portable Document Format, and other such products, Adobe helps brands deliver unmatched digital experiences.


Adobe Primetime brings TV to every IP-connected screen. It gives companies capabilities to stream, protect, analyze, and monetize videos across desktops and devices. Companies can profitably broadcast video-on-demand programming everywhere. We began looking for a knowledge base solution to support our customers — content creators like NBC and large cable/satellite providers. The help center needed to host hundreds of pages of the product, technical, and support documentation. We also wanted the documentation to be private, accessible only through a secure login. The ability to integrate the knowledge base into our Zendesk account was also an essential requirement for Adobe.


With traditional help authoring tools, collaboration can be very difficult. Each user has to work on a different computer, and then someone needs to bring it all together and publish it. That would make collaboration difficult for our geographically dispersed team. ProProfs solved this by allowing our team to work simultaneously from anywhere in the world on a web browser. We also found that the learning curve for ProProfs is very fast compared to other editors like RoboHelp or FrameMaker. This allowed more people on our team, such as customer support and product managers, to contribute to the documentation without having any specialized training. We also liked how well ProProfs integrates with Zendesk. Our customers could easily access the documentation from within Zendesk. Privacy settings ensured that only logged-in Zendesk users could access the content. When responding to customer tickets, our support agents were automatically shown matching help topics that they could reference in their replies.


ProProfs now powers our help center and enables our entire team to collaborate. The overall ease of use, intuitive interface, and integration with Zendesk has made the Adobe Primetime TV support knowledge base a big hit. A significant number of support tickets have been deflected.

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