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What is Call Center Knowledge Base Software?

With our call center knowledge base software, you can create an awesome cloud-based knowledge bank for your support staff. Gather information instantly and provide accurate responses to clients with our contact center knowledge base. This reduces the call hold time as your support staff doesn’t have to run from pillar to post to get information when they need it the most. All they need to do is refer to the call center knowledge base and resolve customer questions instantly.

Access call center knowledge base
Anytime, Anywhere Access

Access our call center knowledge base from any device like mobile, tablet, and laptop.

Highly searchable call center knowledge base
Highly Searchable

Find answers to customer questions instantly with our Google-like search engine.

Reports with call center knowledge base
Insightful Reports

Track knowledge base performance, find successful and failed searches, and keep improving the user experience.

Empower Operators With Quick, Accurate Info

Make information-gathering a breeze for your staff

Create a central call center knowledge base and provide your support staff with accurate and relevant information. Utilize the Google-like search functionality to help operators find information quickly. Auto-complete questions as users start typing in their questions in the search bar. Cross-link help articles and direct operators to pages that have relevant content.

  • Google-like search functionality
  • Auto-complete questions
  • Cross-link relevant articles

Fast-Track Ticket Resolution

Delight customers with quick answers

Ticket Resolution with call center knowledge base

Create a contact center knowledge base that comprises everything your support staff needs to resolve customer questions. Help operators find information instantly, anytime and from any device including laptops, tablets, and mobiles. Empower operators to address customer concerns and resolve tickets on the go.

  • Create a central knowledge base
  • Find information using any device
  • Resolve questions faster

Bring Teams Together to Manage Knowledge

Assign roles, set permissions, and control access

Leverage our call center knowledge base software to create a common platform where all your teams can contribute knowledge. Assign roles like administrator, editor, contributor, and viewer to specific groups and provide them with role-based permissions. Set rules to hide or display content and save these rule sets to be used across multiple sites. Grant or revoke access to a page or content within a folder easily.

  • Build knowledge collaboratively
  • Grant or revoke access
  • Hide or display content

Get Useful Insights & Improve Performance

Improve your content to serve operators better

Get a clear picture of your knowledge base performance through insightful reports from our call center knowledge management software. Know which articles are performing well and which need revision. View keywords that led to successful searches and those that did not yield results. Find broken links and fix them. Keep improving your knowledge base content with the valuable data provided by our reports.

  • Find successful and failed searches
  • View popular and poorly rated articles
  • Find broken links and fix them

ProProfs Knowledge Base – Tailored to Your Industry

ProProfs Knowledge Base software is customizable to suit your industry-specific needs. As a call center firm, use it to create a call center knowledge base for your customer-facing staff and help them resolve questions instantly. Our software comes with robust features and settings that allow you to make your knowledge base searchable, well-organized and compatible with multiple devices.

IT documentation software
Information Technology

Easily create and manage IT documents with our IT documentation software.

sales enablement knowledge base

Build an impressive knowledge base with sales enablement software. Equip your sales team with the right knowledge.

HR documentation software
Human Resources

Give your HR team a robust people management tool that they can use to streamline HR operations.


  • Simple & Easy access via call center knowledge base Simple & Easy

    For all skill levels. No software download or HTML skills needed.

  • anytime access with call center knowledge base Anytime, Anywhere Access

    View and access knowledge base on laptops, tablets or smartphones.

  • reduce customer tickets via call center KB Reduce Customer Tickets

    Customers instantly find answers on your self-service help site.

  • Highly searchable call center knowledge base Highly Searchable

    Find answers instantly with a highly searchable knowledge base.

  • Centralize call center knowledge base Centralize Documents

    Centrally access company documents, manuals & more.

  • Reports with call center knowledge base Analytics & Reports

    Learn what users are searching. Integrate with Google Analytics.

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