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Raphael Mones

wow! ProProfs training maker website is cool. makes me want to be a teacher pronto! :))

Kelly Croy

Received an email from NASA today (seriously) asking about how to admin a test on iPad. I suggested

Tracene Nechamkin

Love for online quizzes. In computer lab, took quiz (randomized). Results graded automatically. No paper. #edtech

Justin Hunter

LOVE responsive #SaaS companies with nice, easy-to-use tools! provided great #CustomerService today. 2/2

David Mearns

@davidmearns @ProProfs what a briliant app- thanks Deniz for your pechakucha moment at Istekelt

Brent M. Colley

ProProfs Quiz Maker is a great tool for teachers & parents teaching their kids at home. Online, self-grading trainings:

Tracene Nechamkin

#flipclass anyone tried proprofs for their classes? Easy to use, (small fee) create class w/ videos, embed questions, immed fb.

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"Great for training hundreds of employees"
Troy Marble
ProProfs has been a great tool for training hundreds of employees who are spread out across the US and Canada. The ProProfs online training has allowed us to provide over 3,000 individual sessions. Our people can take the quiz when it fits their schedule and from anywhere they can access the internet.
- Troy Marble, Safety Manager,
Fortune 500 Construction Co.
"Ideal for the classroom"
Nance Rosen
ProProfs is an effective, highly functional, user friendly and convenient way to conduct almost every assessment you can imagine. I highly recommend it as a tool for quizzes and tests. I found it ideal for the classroom, in both on-ground and online learning environments.
- Nance Rosen, Faculty UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) Extension, Former marketing executive, The Coca-Cola Company
"A Winner For Quizzes"
Larry Ferlazzo
I have to say I'm quite impressed. ProProfs is a winner for quizzes. I've just added it to my page on Best Ways To Create Online Tests.
- Larry Ferlazzo, English Teacher
"Makes training & testing super easy!"
Dan LaPasha
ProProfs makes training & testing super easy! Powerful yet simple to use! ProProfs Rocks!
- Dan LaPasha, PhD, Managing Partner, Learning Technologies

"Perfect for Knowledge Gap Analysis & Lead Generation"
Steven Diebold
Proprofs provided a wonderful way to do a knowledge gap analysis for my audience. People found it very engaging and gave great feedback. We also used trainings for lead generation.
- Steven Diebold, Business Consultant

"Recommended For Competency & Compliance Training!"
Steve Donaldson
I can safely recommend ProProfs to any of our customers requiring competency or compliance testing in multiple languages, or need an instant online assessment tool with kick-ass database capabilities!
- Steve Donaldson,
Assistant Director of Media Training
IPC Training
What e-Learning Experts Say!
"Robust Tool that works on Tablets, Smartphones & Laptops"
Susan Smith Nash
Susan Smith NashProProfs products are very flexible, from the all-in-one Training Maker, to the effective and easy-to-use Flashcard, Games, Polls, and Quiz Maker. ProProf's robust cloud hosting means no bumps, no bruises. I like the fact that it's designed to work on all sizes of tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Quiz Maker has added a new dimension to our education and training, and has made "quick bite learning" a reality.
- Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D.
Susan Smith Nash is an author of several acclaimed books on elearning and the widely-read blog elearningqueen. Susan's blog is rated Top 25 elearning Blog and is the winner of Elearning Innovator Award.
Top School Tech Blog Top 50 Educationnovator
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Technology Blogs!
E-Learning Innovator

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