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Video Transcript: Understanding Users & Groups

ProProfs offers a simple & secure way to enroll learners and organize them into groups or classes. This allows you to save time by centralizing tasks like assigning quizzes, efficiently track progress for each person or for a group, and to easily maintain centralized records for students or employees.

To get started, go to "My Quizzes" and then click on "quiz settings". From there, click on the "Security and Tracking" tab. Under "Security Setting" you will see that you have 4 options. The first 3 options allow you to send a link to the quiz or course to anyone you choose. Learners can then click on the link and access the content. For this video we will be focusing on the most secure option, which is the last one. Once you've selected this option, click on "Manage Users".

This will take you to the "Users" section. In this section, you will see a list of all students or learners. If you wish to see further information about a user, simply click on their name and additional details about the user will appear such as their name, email, phone, address or ID.

From this central area you can view a summary of all quizzes that the user has taken and even get a detailed report for each one. You can also review which quizzes have NOT been completed and send and instant email reminder if needed.

Further down on the page, you can quickly determine which groups a user is a member of as well as which quizzes have been assigned to the user.

If you wish to make changes to a user, click on "Edit Profile". For example, if a student joined a course mid-season, you can make a note of it in the notes section. You can also scroll down and change a users's group memberships or quizzes assigned.

ProProfs also makes adding a new learner very easy. Simply click "Add User" , enter email addresses for the users you want to add, choose the groups that you want them to be a member of, assign any quizzes that you them to take, and click "Done". Your new users have been added. You can now enter additional information about each user by clicking on the "Edit Profile" button.

Another great feature of ProProfs is the ability to organize users into groups. A group can be a team like sales & marketing, a classroom of students, or anything that you would like. To view groups, click on the "Groups" tab. Just like with users, you can select a group by clicking on it on the left, which will show all of it's details on the right. You can view the members of the group, the quizzes assigned, the results of the quizzes taken, as well as quizzes that are pending. For example, in the sales group we can see that Lisa has not yet completed her Sales Training quiz which was assigned to the entire group. With a quick click of the button, you can remind Lisa that the quiz is still pending.

Just like with creating a user, creating a group is extremely easy. To get started, click on "Add Group".Enter a name for the group, select the users that you want to be in the group, assign any quizzes that you want everyone in the group to take, and click "Done". When you assign a quiz to a group,it automatically gets assigned to all the members of the group ­ this centralized administration and reporting leads to huge time saving.

ProProfs Users & Groups allows you to quickly enroll learners, organize them into classes or groups and track progress reports centrally.

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