How to Use Quiz Statistics


Video Transcript: Understanding Quiz Statistics

At ProProfs our goal is to make you a better instructor. Our powerful statistics empowers instructors by providing valuable feedback about the topics or questions their learners are having trouble with. This will help you to identify the knowledge gaps and make adjustments to your training or lesson plan.. Our proprietary system intelligently gathers data about each learner, aggregates it and visually presents it to you - in an easy to understand manner.

Let's take a look at the Quiz Stats for a quiz. Under "My Quizzes" each quiz gets a reports link & a stats link. Reports mainly focus on how each individual student performed on a quiz. Further details about Reports is available is an additional video. For this video, we will focus on stats that aggregate data for all quiz attempts and intelligently analyze the data.

The first thing you will see on the left hand side is the total attempts made on the quiz, the average time taken to complete the quiz and the average percentage score. On the right you will see a pie chart of the different results on the quiz. In this case, the quiz had 2 possible result types: Pass or Fail. Green is pass and Red is fail. In addition to pie charts, you can also change this graph to other graph styles like line graphs or bar graphs.

Next is Question Stats which allows you to see the difficulty level of each question across all quiz-takers. In this example, you can see that question #2 was rarely answered correctly. Having this information can help you identify the areas where knowledge gaps may exist so that you can revise your teaching or training materials to produce higher student achievement. This information can also be used to adjust point totals in situations where a question is more difficult.

Let's investigate further on why question 2 is being answered incorrectly. It shows that some students think the moon is square. You can now view additional details about these students so that you can create customized learning paths for them. You can set the quiz to track any information such as name, email, ID, course enrolled, and more. And all tracking information will appear here. You can also access detailed reports about these students including what they answered to each question.

For essay questions, you can review all answers in one place.

You can also see how long learners spent on the quiz as a whole so you can use that to identify where they are getting stuck. If you want more details, we also record time spent by each individual learner on the quiz - which can be great for multiple purposes, such as identifying cheating or compliance requirements. You can even drill down into time spent by a specific learner on each question.

ProProfs stats offers many ways in which you can gather insights to identify knowledge gaps, difficult questions or poorly worded questions. This empowers you to better understand your learners, and adjust your teaching or training material which helps you to become a better instructor.

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