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Video Transcript: Reports & Stats

With ProProfs you are just clicks away from accessing detailed reports and statistics for all of the quizzes you create.

To access this information go to "My Quizzes". Under "Analyze" you will see links for "Reports & Attempts" as well as for "Stats". "Reports & Attempts" gives you information on individual quiz-takers while "Stats" gives you aggregate data for all quiz attempts taken by all users.

Let's start with "Reports & Attempts". Click the link and you will see a snapshot of information including the date the quiz was taken, who took it, how long it took them to complete the quiz, their percentage and numeric scores, a link to their score report and the IP Address for the computer they took the quiz on.

For more detailed information and analysis, you can download a report with all of the data in either CSV, text or XLS formats. You can also share your report with other applicable persons such as managers or teachers. Sharing is as easy as clicking the "Share Reports" link, selecting and copying the URL, and pasting it into an email or message that you can send to those you wish to have it.

If you would like to drill further into an individual quiz, click the "View" link under "Score Report". You will then be able to print or download the quiz-takers' certificate of achievement, or share it on social media, by email or by embedding it on a blog or website.

The report summary is next and will show you the quiz-takers' name, IP address, score, the number of questions answered correctly, the minimum score needed to pass, the final result and the time taken to complete the quiz.

The detailed report will allow you to drill down even further by seeing the exact result of each question as well as additional explanations if applicable.

Some questions, such as essay questions, may not be computer scored. To facilitate grading of these sections, ProProfs gives you the ability to award Bonus Points which can be added to the quiz-takers' final score.

Now let's take a look at the Quiz Stats for this quiz. Click on "My Quizzes" to return to the previous page and then on "Stats" under the "Analyze" column. The first thing you will see is the total attempts made on the quiz, the average percentage score and the minimum score needed to pass.

Next is Question Stats which allows you to see the difficulty level of each question across all quiz-takers. In this example you can see that question #3 was rarely answered correctly. Having this information can help you identify the areas where knowledge gaps may exist so that you can revise your teaching or training materials to close these knowledge gaps in the future.

Finally you will see Trending Score Data Across All Quiz Takers. This data shows you what number of quiz-takers scored in which score bracket. This is a great way to track your learning or training return on investment by seeing how well quiz-takers are understanding the material as a whole.

That completes our overview of the Reports and Stats function on ProProfs.

We hope you have found this informative and encourage you to watch all of our informational videos.

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