How To Create A Math Quiz: Maths Quiz Maker


Video Transcript: Create A Math Quiz

Adding simple or complex mathematical formulas and symbols to your quizzes is simple with ProProfs.

To add a mathematical quiz formula or symbol, open an existing quiz or create a new math quiz. Formulas and symbols can be added to questions, answer options, or even explanations. Once you've determined where the mathematical content needs to go, click on this symbol to open our mathematical formula creator. If a new window doesn't open, check your browser to make sure that pop-ups are allowed. If prompted, choose to update or run the Java plug-in.

Within the editor is a wide selection of tabs with an impressive catalog of operators and expressions that can be added to your mathematical content. These include basic operators, symbols, matrices, greek symbols and more. To create your content, simply type any characters that exist on your keyboard. When it's time to add additional mathematical functions, simply select what you need from the tabs above and continue to type. Proceed in this manner until you have completed your formula or symbol. Once complete, click "Accept" and you will see that your newly created content has been added to your quiz.

If you make an error, or decide you want to make a change, simply double-click on your mathematical content and the editor will re-launch so that you can make any changes that you would like. For future maintenance and usability, your content is stored in MATHML, the recognized standard for mathematics.

All of the content created with the mathematical editor is added as an image. This ensures that the formula looks exactly the same for everyone and won't display incorrectly in different browsers or interfaces. Adding the formula as an image also eliminates the need for your quiz takers to install anything or use a specific browser.

With this powerful mathematics editor, the nature and complexity of the math quiz that you create is nearly limitless and can be used for the most basic, or advanced, of quiz takers.

Thanks for watching this video on our mathematics editor, and thanks for choosing ProProfs.
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