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Choose from a library of quizzes to help you become an expert in using and configuring our online quiz maker for your organization. We provide 100K+ professional designed ready-to-use quizzes, tests, courses, certifications, and step-by-step help so you become an efficient quiz creator and can create and configure powerful online quizzes & courses easily.

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How to Create an Online Quiz

This video walks you through the easy steps to create an online quiz. Learn how to create a personality quiz, a scored quiz, or an assessment easily with 100,000+ ready-to-use questions, templates, and more.

How to Create a Personality Quiz

This 5-minute video walks you through the important stages of creating a personality quiz. It's as simple as choosing a template, adding images and personalities, and configuring quick settings.

How to Set Up an Online Classroom

This video takes you through the easy steps to setting up your online classroom with ProProfs Quiz Maker. Add, manage, and track learners, quizzes, and courses on one centralized platform.

How to Administer Training to Large Groups

This video walks you through the process of deploying organizational training to large groups of learners at a time in easy steps. Manage group training using the world's simplest quiz software.

How to Sell Your Quizzes Online

It is super-easy to create online quizzes and courses and monetize them. Watch this video to learn how you can easily step up your Store page, set pricing, and start selling your quizzes with ProProfs.

How to Create a Custom Quiz Certificate

Learn how you can create a professional-looking quiz or course completion certificate and customize it for your course or quiz from ProProfs and boost your learner’s career with your certified online courses.

What's the Difference Between a Quiz, Survey, Scored Survey & Poll?

Wonder how different is a quiz, survey, scored survey and a poll? They seem to serve the same purpose but are different. Watch this video to know what's what and how each can be used uniquely.

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