Things Fall Apart Chapter 22- 23

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1.  Why is Reverend Smith filled with wrath when he hears that a woman in the congregation allows her husband to mutilate her dead child?
2.  Describe Enoch's character. What has he done that is the greatest crime a man can commit in Umuofia?
3.  What does the egwugwu do in return of Enoch's crime?
4.  What does Reverend James Smith do when the egwugwu comes to cleanse their village of Enoch’s horrible sin? What do the egwugwu do in return?
5.  Why is Okonkwo and the rest of the village on the guard with machetes?
6.  What side is the District Commissioner with? Okonkwo and Umuofia clan or the Christainity culture?
7.  What does the commissioner say to Okonkwo and the villagers to make them drop their weapons? What happens in response to this?
8.  What does the court messengers tell the people of Umuofia they must pay so that there leaders are not hanged?
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