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Sterilization & Disinfection

36 Questions  I  By Erinsullivan24
sterilization & disinfection

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1.  What are phenols?
2.  What do oxidizing agents do?
3.  What is antisepsis
4.  What is iodine?
5.  Example of an anionic surfactant
6.  What are x-rays, Y rays, electron beam irradiation
7.  Example of a phenol
8.  What is sanitization
9.  What method is highly effective against gram positives?
10.  Phenols denature what?
11.  UHT pasteurization is...
12.  Freezing is....
13.  What is UV light...
14.  Example of a antiseptic phenol
15.  Example of a alcohol
16.  Dry heat is...
17.  Incineration is...
18.  What is static activity
19.  What is ozone?
20.  What is cidal activity
21.  What is cepacol?
22.  What is sterilization
23.  Boiling is...
24.  What is chlorine?
25.  Used for solutions of antibiotics, vitamins, and protein hormones
26.  What is disinfection
27.  What are heavy metals?
28.  Autoclaving is...
29.  What kills by UV radiation damagin DNA molecules?
30.  Pasteurization is...
31.  What is filitration...
32.  Pore size of 0.1-0.2 mM
33.  Alcohols are...
34.  Refrigeration is...
35.  What is cepacol?
36.  Example of a cresol
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