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 Standard Memo Quiz
This is a quiz about the basic setup of a standardized memorandum.

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1.  A standard memorandum is created with a _______ inch top margin.
2.  The side margins of a standard memorandum should be properly set to ______ inch.
3.  The line spacing for the heading of a memorandum (TO:  FROM:  DATE:  SUBJECT:)should be ___________________
4.  The subject line for a standard memorandum is keyed in _______________.
5.  At the bottom of your memorandum your initials should be keyed in _______________.
6.  The paragraphs of a memorandum are keyed in what line spacing?
7.  How would you properly express the following date on a memorandum:  11/14/10
8.  What Ribbon tab should you access in order to change your top margin on a memorandum?
9.  How many times must you tab after the heading   TO:   in a standard memorandum?
10.  If keying two different memornadums within one document, how do you manually insert a page break?
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