Congress Quiz

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Congress Quiz
A quiz about congress , is good to study if taking a gov course

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1.  The vice president is a member of the senate
2.  Censure means?
3.  A term of congress is how many years
4.  How many members are there in the house?
5.  Congress is made up of 2 parts. this is called a ________ legislature
6.  The president can veto a measure with out actually vetoing it when congress is out of session this is called a
7.  To ratify treaties is an exclusive power of the
8.  Becoming a us citizen is
9.  Amemnments must have a ___ vote to pass
10.  The vice president can only vote if there is a
11.  Name of the speaker of the house
12.  Name of junior senator from texas
13.  A provision on a bill so that it will pass
14.  After a bill leaves the rules commitee in house it goes to
15.  At least 30 years old
16.  Citizen for 7 yrs
17.  Must livein state they represent
18.  Who sets congress mens salaries
19.  At least 25 yrs old
20.  Intended to be closer to the ppl
21.  Citizen for 9 yrs
22.  Serves 4 yr term
23.  Serves 2-year term
24.  Free postage is called
25.  We are curently in the _____ term of congress
26.  Upper status chamber
27.  Who can call a special session
28.  All pres. appointments must be approved by ____ vote of the _____
29.  If there is a tie in ellectoral college who can select the pres. h or s
30.  Nickname for neccesarry and proper clause  
31.  A license so noone can copy your work
32.  Congress can override a veto with how much vote
33.  2 judicial powers of cg
34.  The majorty and minority positions are mentioned in the constitution. t or f
35.  Presiding officer of the house (title)
36.  Name and title of presiding officer of senate
37.  Leader of house republicans
38.  Majority party in cg controlls __ of standing comittes
39.  For a bill to pass it must have a ______ vote in house and senate
40.  After a bill is  introed in hose it goes to a
41.  When district lines are in odd shapes to favor one group is called
42.  What is a constituent
43.  How many total members of congress
44.  Purpose of census data in relation to house is to __ the house seats
45.  Texas has how many represenatives in the house
46.  Who drawls congressional districts in a state
47.  A session of cg is how long
48.  #1 duty of a cg man
49.  Congressional salaries are limited by
50.  Clause that says a congressman cant be sued for anything said in session is called the
51.  To bring charges against a high gov official is
52.  Congress has power to appoint a commander in cheif t or f
53.  All treaties must be ratified with a __ vote of _____
54.  Name of majority leader in house
55.  Name of senior senator from texas
56.  Name of rep from district 10
57.  Assistant to house minority leader
58.  Who takes over when president of senate is not there
59.  Committee that irons out disagreements btween house and senate
60.  When a senator tries to kill a bill by talking on the floor for a long time is called a
61.  Most bills intoduced in cg becomes a law. t or f
62.  Veto means
63.  After a bill passes the house it goes to the
64.  Who can intro  a bill to cg
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