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  •  Reduce customer tickets
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  •  Centralize documents & FAQ
  •  Privacy, security & branding
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Excellent Customer Service!
The customer service at ProProfs is always great. I highly recommend it!
Bill Wisell,Health Licensing Coordinator, Nebraska
Bill Wisell
Everyone should give it a try!
I am most impressed with the product. It is simple to use. Everyone should give it a try!

Prof. Daniel Stein Director of Technology, Touro College
aniel Stein
Bill Wisell,
Health Licensing Coordinator, Nebraska
Prof. Daniel Stein,
Director of Technology, Touro College

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Create Online Knowledge Base

  • Create online FAQ & Knowledge Base
  • Brand with your logo and colors
  • Supports 90 languages
  • Upload articles, videos & more

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Analytics & Easy Maintenance

  • Create folders to centralize new documents
  • Analytics to improve knowledge transfer
  • Import & export files

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ProProfs is perfect for:

Employee Knowledgebase

Employee Knowledgebase

Create a Knowledge base to retain, grow and enhance employee knowledge & experience.
FAQ Software

FAQ Software & Help desk

Improve customer service and reduce tickets by helping them find instant answers with an integrated online FAQ software.
Centralize Documents

Centralize Documents

Seamlessly upload documents to a centralized location that is compatible across multiple devices for anytime, anywhere access.

If you are looking for an Online FAQ & Help desk to improve your customer service & support or looking to create an online FAQ or online knowledge base to maximize the use of your organization collective knowledge and experience then ProProfs knowledge base and FAQ software is ideal for you. We provide you a highly searchable & centrally managed Knowledgebase software, which supports all kind of files and documents and works across multiple devices and platforms. With organizations becoming more complex, 39% of a worker's time is wasted on searching for information or recreating existing content. ProProfs Knowledge Base Software improves productivity by making it easy for employees as well as customers to instantly find what they're looking for, whenever and wherever they need it.

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Knowledge Base software features

World's leading tool to create Knowledgebase

Free and Simple!
For all skill levels. No HTML experience or software download required.
Security Controls
Excellent password settings, privacy controls and more for a safe Knowledgebase.
Reduce Customer Tickets
Find instant answers in a highly searchable & organized helpdesk.
Customize for Your Brand
Customize the design as per your brand to embed on your website.
Highly Searchable
Find PDFs, PPTs, videos & more in our highly searchable Knowledgebase
Anytime, Anywhere Access
Accessible via laptop, mobile or phone.
Retain Employee Knowledge
Share and retain knowledge among peers through a collaborative & coordinated Knowledgebase.
Centralize Documents
Encourage knowledge reuse & transfer through a centrally managed Knowledgebase.
Knowledgebase Reports
Access reports to monitor your Knowledgebase & gather superior business intelligence.

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