Video Transcript: Create an online course or training

Welcome to ProProfs Training Maker, the world's simplest way to create an online course or training.

With Training Maker you can create your online course or training using your existing documents, presentations, PDFs, videos, or even web-based information such as web links or YouTube videos. Plus, all uploads are converted to a web- and mobile-friendly format that requires no software installations for your users. For example, your users can watch and interact with a Powerpoint presentation, even if they don't have Powerpoint installed on their computer!

Lets review a sample course.

With ProProfs Training Maker you can make courses that offer employee training, or a course for your classroom whether its college, professional classes or K through 12. Lets take a look at the first sample course on training maker (goto

In this example, the course is configured to ask the student to identify themselves by typing their name & email. Courses can also be configured to ask additional questions such as ID number, company name, class name, etc. The course can also be password protected or you can securely give access to a pre-determined set of students, employees, or users. The course is comprised of chapters and each of those chapters can have one or more pages. There are a variety of different page types such as PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, SlideShare presentations, pages with video uploaded directly to ProProfs, videos embedded into other content such as articles, and video embedded from popular hosting sites like YouTube, and also pages with Flash, or SWF content, which can be exported from any authoring tool and directly made part of the course.

Training Maker also comes with full access to ProProfs' Quiz Maker, the world's leading quiz creation service. This tool will allow you to add quizzes, exams, assessments, surveys or tests to all of your online training and courses. It includes extensive reporting capability such as the ability to see who has taken a test, what score they achieved, their answers to each question, as well as a variety of other statistics.

Once you've used ProProfs Training Maker to create your online course or training, an extensive set of reporting tools are available to further assist you. These include the ability to track who has taken the training, when the training was completed, whether or not a attempt was completed successfully, and more. Additionally, you can save yourself time and enhance your users experience by offering automated certificates, automated training results for both passing and failing users, automated notifications, and a complete record of all the results for the training or course.

Other benefits of ProProfs Training Maker include the ability for students, employees or users to review the course any time and anywhere, as well as the fact that there is no travel because they do not need to be at a set location to take the test. Further, quizzes in the course can be set up in practice mode so that users can focus on learning before they take the final exam quiz.

Whether you are in need of Employee Training, customer training, or online educational courses, ProProfs Training Maker is the perfect source for all of your needs.
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