Video Transcript: ProProfs offers you two easy ways to assign your course to learners.

The first option is to send a link for the course to the learners.

The second option is to make learners login to view assigned courses.

Lets explore option #1 first:
In My Courses, look for the "Share" column which lists various sharing options such as email, link or social networks. The first method of sharing is by email. ProProfs offers you a sample email which you can simply copy and paste into Outlook, Gmail, or whatever email service you use. The recipients of your email do NOT need a ProProfs account to take the course. They can simply click the link and they will be taken to the course. If you setup your course so that it requires tracking information, such as name or email address, the learner will need to complete this before beginning the course. This way ProProfs can create reports on who took your course and what their name, email or other details are.

You can also share your course by copying the course link. Once copied, you can paste it to Facebook, Twitter, your website or blog, or anywhere else that is public or private.

Now lets explore Option #2:

Start by adding a new user by going to "My Classroom" and then "Users". Next, click "Add New Users". You can either enter an email address or upload them in bulk from an excel file. A temporary password is created for each user that you can edit as needed later. Next you can choose the groups that you want them to be a member of . A group can be a team, like sales & marketing, a classroom of students, or anything that you would like. Any courses assigned to a group will automatically get assigned to all the members of the group. ProProfs centralized administration and reporting for each group leads to huge time saving.

Select the groups and click Next. You can now assign any additional courses to these users. You can also edit this anytime to add or remove courses for individual learners. Click "Done" and you have now successfully created users and assigned them to groups & courses.

As a next step, lets send users to their online classroom, a personalized learning portal from where they can see all their pending courses as well as completed ones.

To view the classroom as a learner would, go to "My Classroom" and then click "Preview This Classroom". Select the student whom you want to see the classroom as and then login as the student.

Any new assignments automatically show up as pending items once they are either directly assigned to a learner's personalized learning path or to any group that the learner is a member of. By using the classroom feature, you don't have to send links to individual courses or quizzes. Instead, you can simply send the link to the classroom, and your learners will be able to login and see all of their assigned courses.

Click on a course to take the course as the student.

To communicate with your learners, you can either go to the Users tab and click "Email User", which will email just one learner, or you can go to the Groups tab and click "Email Group", which will send an email to all members of the group. By using this function, the email sent to each learner can contain their personalized username, password and classroom link. ProProfs also allows you to customize the email as needed before sending it to your learners.

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