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Create beautiful sales courses using expertly designed online sales training templates. Crafted keeping in mind the latest trends in elegant design and modern typography, these highly customizable templates can be used to prepare courses on sales topics like sales process, prospecting, inbound sales, cold calling, customer service, closing and more. Once published, you can track your courses and learners using advanced reporting features.

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Why create online sales training?

Online sales training is designed to create the most efficient salesforce for an organization. It is essential for a company to make the right sales training investment decision. Only a well-informed salesperson can generate new business opportunities and fetch high returns for the company.

Sales training is provided to the sales representatives considering the sales process and workflows set in the company. Training on sales process usually includes lead nurturing, follow-ups, closing leads, onboarding customers, post-sales efforts and more.

Besides, inducing a sales workforce with excellent communication skills help them deliver the right message about the products/services to their customers.

Personalize with images, presentations, and videos

Create highly effective online sales training courses using beautifully designed sales training template. You can easily customize online sales training by adding elegant designs, images, graphs, videos and presentations. Also, it's easy to brand your training course by adding logos, specific color schemes, and typography to maintain the brand consistency of your online sales training.

How to use online sales template?

ProProfs online sales training template is available for you with an array of features. Creating personalized sales training courses have never been so easy. Simply add your brand and logo or choose your own color scheme to offer highly personalized training experience. Embed surveys and quizzes to assess your trainees and engage them. You can grade and certify your trainees as soon as they complete their training. Track your trainees' progress using superior reporting features.

Integrate your online courses with ProProfs Quiz Maker and assess trainees' knowledge retention rate. There is no need to install any software or have any coding knowledge. Simply use sales training template to build beautiful training courses. Learners can access their courses using mobiles, laptops or tablets for anytime, anywhere learning.

What makes our online sales training better?

Our online sales training includes a myriad of unparalleled benefits to instructors and their new salesforce. These are:

  • It is easy to engage the salesforce with course content that is a natural fit for learning sales tricks and trades.
  • Reduce unnecessary burden on the new sales trainees by creating engaging courses which are available to learners.
  • This online training smartly uses multimedia to give visual insights and engaging data-rich content for longer retention of information.
  • You can embed quizzes and surveys to assess knowledge retention and gain insights into further improvement with the help of the instant feedback you get.
  • Track learner's progress, information recap and retention; evaluate the level of understanding using reports.
  • These online training courses offer an ease of navigation to the learners as they access the study materials easily, from anywhere and anytime.
  • Smart use of multimedia help instructors create training that appeals to all learning style.
  • Thoughtfully selected integrations work best to facilitate the learning process.
  • Best alignment, color, composition and typography standards help create personalized courses that appeal learners aesthetically.
  • Offer salesforce the much-needed knowledge and support as an imperative knowledge-base for future reference.

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