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In today’s highly competitive and fast-moving world, one cannot underestimate the growing significance of a professionally designed induction program. It shows new hires the fastest route from being employed to being productive. ProProfs induction training templates act as an ideal means to create courses on varied topics. These topics include company overview, working hours, leave policy, performance appraisal policy, and compliances. The templates are professionally designed and highly customizable.

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Why create online induction training?

Induction Training is an integral part of employee training in every organization. Employers understand that lack of induction results in a higher employee attrition rate. Studies reveal that more than 25 percent of new joinees decide whether to stay in an organization within their first week. The primary objective of induction is to integrate new joinees into the organization so that they understand its systems, policies, and procedures. The training lends them a sense of belonging; helping them to settle down quickly in the new work environment.

Some of the crucial benefits of inducting a new employee include saving money and time, reducing employee turnover, and guaranteeing operational efficiency. Besides, new employee training makes them feel more valued and respected. They can easily break the ice with existing employees. Induction training ensures both individual and organizational growth.

Personalize with images, presentations, and videos

You can now develop highly professional and customizable online induction training programs through ProProfs training templates. Businesses now have the option to customize these induction training templates by adding graphs, images, designs, presentations, videos, and diagrams. Branding your staff induction training course has become the need of the hour. Adding specific color schemes, typography, and logos assures brand consistency of the program.

How to use the online induction training template?

ProProfs online induction training template comes with an array of features. It has now become a cakewalk for human resource managers and trainers to create personalized induction training courses for new joinees. Our staff induction training templates have made their job easier and quicker. Get ready to create a highly personalized learning experience for trainees by adding your logo, brand, and color scheme to the training template.

Also, embed surveys and quizzes in the template for better trainee engagement and assessment. As trainers, you can even grade and certify new joinees once they have completed their online induction training course. Besides, you can track their progress through delightful reports and analytics feature of online induction training templates.

Human resource managers and line managers can even integrate their online induction training program and others with ProProfs Quiz Software to better evaluate trainees’ knowledge and retention ability. Are you all set to build high-quality training programs with induction training template?

The best part about online training templates is that they don’t require software installation or coding knowledge on your part. Device compatibility is another feature that comes in handy with induction training templates. New joinees now enjoy the liberty to easily access and undertake training through mobile, tablets, and laptops anytime, anywhere.

What makes our online induction training better?

Our induction training template brings about a wide range of unique benefits to organizations and their inductees. They are:

  • Easy new joinee engagement with course content that is a natural fit to learn ways to know the organization better. Employees should be trained in how to align and be assimilated into the new workplace culture.
  • Personalized course creation with a high aesthetic appeal for learners. This becomes possible with templates that follow the best alignment, color, composition, and typography standards.
  • Smart multimedia usage for engaging data-rich content and visual insights. The multimedia content of online induction training helps inductees to retain knowledge and other crucial information for longer time-span. Using text, images, audio, animation, interactive content, and video in course material appeals to all learning styles.
  • Interactive course creation to reduce the unnecessary burden on the new joinees. Due to the interactiveness feature, they have the liberty to affect the training’s content, speed, and outcome.
  • Survey and quiz embedment in online induction training course for better engagement and assessment of inductees in an organization. Not only does evaluation increase knowledge retention rate but also, offers insights into further improvements needed in the program.
  • Ease of accessibility for course material on induction training enables trainees to induct themselves anytime, anywhere.
  • Learners’ progress track and engagement through reporting and analytics feature of induction training templates.
  • Learning management system (LMS) integrations and settings to boost the learning process.
  • Multilingual course creation helps new joinees to learn in their mother tongue. Isn’t it amazing to induct trainees in over 70 languages?
  • Device compatibility of online induction training allows trainees to access study material on mobiles, tablets, and laptops anytime, anywhere.

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