History Training Course Template

Easily create & share engaging online history training courses

Create exciting and impactful history courses using this beautifully crafted history training template. Publish courses on anything history and educate your learners using the customizable template based on the latest aesthetic design and typography standards. Use our online classroom to share and track the courses. You can also monetize the courses by selling them online.

History Training Course Template
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Template Outline

Free History Training Template

#1   Welcome to the Training!
  • Welcome to the Training!
#2   African-American History
  • Influence of Africans on American Culture
  • History of African-Americans
  • Celebrating Black History, Success & Joy
  • Flashcards: African-American History
  • Test Your Knowledge
#3   Women’s History
  • Contributions of Women to American Society
  • Flashcards: Women’s History
  • Test Your Knowledge
#4   Native American History
  • Native American Struggle
  • Rights of Native Americans Today
  • Flashcards: Native American History
  • Test Your Knowledge
#5   Thank You!
  • Course Feedback
Use This Template

Why Use this History Training Template?

An easy & quick way to create and update training information

Professionally Designed
Professionally Designed

This template is designed by L&D specialists as a standardized framework to build up online training courses. The template has been tailored for maximum engagement to ensure a high course completion rate.

Rapid Course Development
Rapid eLearning Development

Create and roll out history training courses quickly. All you need to do is import your existing images, videos, slides, audio, presentations, and PDF files. Build courses through drag-and-drop and go live in record time. Create a course once and reuse it several times.

Ease of Customization
Easily Customizable

If your plan is to create highly personalized courses, our history training plan template lets you do that exactly. You can easily add, edit, update, or delete any media files and information any time you want. Change the layout and design, and edit or add chapters effortlessly.

Anytime, Anywhere
Anytime, Anywhere

Empower your learners to access online training the moment they want it, using their preferred devices, from wherever they are. This history training template works across PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is also compatible with all browsers and operating systems.

Time & Cost-Saving
Time & Cost-Saving

Using a templated course creation process can drastically reduce your course development time and associated costs. Just populate the template with custom content, personalize it with branding, and you’re good to go.

Training Consistency
Consistency in Training Delivery

Ensure training consistency by using the same standardized template to deliver the same information to different audiences. This will save you from duplication of effort and communicating dissimilar information on the same topic.

How To Use This Template

Why Create Online History Training?

History training helps your learners understand the past and use that knowledge to predict future events. A training program on history enables them to track major national and international events and their impact on human society. It gives learners a powerful medium to understand and analyze how things were in the past and link them with the present and future.

As an academic subject, history is often considered boring. Learners need to memorize dates, events, places, and people’s names. But an engaging online history training template can make learning more enjoyable. It generally takes a practical pedagogical approach to help learners absorb and retain information in the best possible way.

Personalize with images, presentations, and videos

Create an engaging and accessible online history training course using this template. Add relevant images, videos, beautiful designs, attractive color schemes, and fonts of your choice to align it with your training objectives. Similarly, you can add your company logo and messaging to create a unique identity.

How to Use this Training Template

Our online history training template is exclusively designed for creating concise and informative history courses. The easy-to-use template comes with an array of features. You can start putting your online courses together without any software installation. Enhance the learning experience by adding engaging videos, graphics, quizzes, and feedback.

This template is compatible with all popular devices and operating systems, enabling anytime, anywhere learning. Track progress and completion in real-time with the help of advanced reporting features. Once the course gets completed, you can auto-grade each learner and issue beautiful certifications.

What Makes Our Online History Training the Best?

Our training is meticulously designed to augment the experience of how instructors train and learners learn.

  • The template is a natural fit for all eLearning environments and all audience types.
  • The courses' engaging content and learner-friendly pacing reduce the unnecessary burden on learners.
  • Smart multimedia integrations appeal to different learning styles and ensure longer information retention.
  • Unlike scripted courses, the emphasis is on self-directed learning where learners focus on their chosen topics and take responsibility for their own training.
  • The ease of tracking learners’ progress and assessing their knowledge through embedded quizzes and surveys makes training measurable.
  • The simple layout and design of the template ensure ease of navigation. No time is wasted wondering how to move from one section to another.
  • Our powerful software integrations amplify the learning process and make it seamless.
  • Offer learners the much-needed knowledge and support in the form of a knowledge base for references.
  • Best alignment, color combinations, and typography standards enable you to create personalized courses that appeal to learners aesthetically and offer 100% visual literacy.
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