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Create beautiful finance courses using our professionally crafted online finance training template. This highly customizable template is built with the latest trends in aesthetic design and typography. Publish courses on finance topics like corporate finance, accounting, balance sheet, income statement, investment banking and more. Use on-the-go course tracking features.

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How To Use This Template

Why create online finance training?

Online finance training is created for the purpose of helping the fresh recruits understand the finance market better and adding new related skills and competencies to the existing workforce.

With the help of a competent knowledge bank, they can easily forecast and make a business plan, raise capital, analyze corporate development opportunities, and more. The content can be made engaging and informative with actionable items that help learners easily understand the company financial policies, departmental budgets, accounts, projects and more and also understand their roles better.

Such finance training courses work best for those companies who have global business outreach. The overall productivity of the finance team is enhanced with the help of online finance training sessions.

Personalize with images, presentations, and videos

Online training courses created using beautifully crafted finance training templates are highly informative and can be customized according to the training objectives. Personalize training content by adding relevant images, aesthetically elegant designs, videos, presentations, and more. This ensures that your finance training courses are practical, concise and engaging, helping your learners train and learn better. You can easily brand your training course by adding logos and color schemes.

How to use online finance template?

Easily create professional online finance training courses with the use of ProProfs finance training templates. Multiple training courses on different finance topics like corporate finance, balance sheet, income statement, investment banking and more are created using the same template. Add your own branding for delivering highly professional online finance training courses. Quizzes and surveys can be embedded to monitor and engage the trainees. Now easily grade and certify your every learner upon their successful completion of the course. Also, track your learners' progress with the help of advanced reporting features. Software installation is not needed.

What makes our online finance training better?

Augmented with features and benefits, our online finance training stands out from the rest as the most sought-after training course for the instructors and learners.

Learn more about these unparalleled features and benefits:

  • Engage trainees easily with course content which encourages a natural fit for learning instead of generic study modules.
  • Avoid over-burdening of learners by inducing engaging and learner-friendly pacing of the course.
  • Keep a close watch on the details of those who took the course
  • Smart use of multimedia in online training courses give visual market insights and engaging data-rich content.
  • Presentation of the course content using images, videos and other visual elements help learners with longer retention of information.
  • Easily embed quizzes and surveys to test knowledge retention and get training feedback that helps you gain insights into further improvement.
  • It is easier to track learner's progress, information recap and retention; evaluate the level of understanding using reports.
  • The online training courses are simple in design which offers an ease of navigation to the learners from anywhere and anytime.
  • Instructors can create training courses that cater to different learning styles with the smart use of multimedia.
  • Alignment, composition, color and typography standards help create personalized courses to appeal learners aesthetically and offer 100% visual literacy.
  • Corporate learners gain the much-needed support as and when needed in the form of online finance training.

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