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Both educators and learners have ongoing learning needs. Use this education training course template to create online training courses for them. Build and publish courses for educators on topics such as effective teaching practices. Similarly, you can create academic courses on subjects like math, language, and social sciences. The template works equally great for teachers and students. On the other hand, corporate trainers can create engaging courses to educate employees. ProProfs also lets you easily track learners’ progress with its AI-powered reporting features.

Education Training Course Template
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Template Outline

Free Education Training Template

#1   Welcome to the Training!
  • Welcome to the Training!
#2   Educational Policy
  • The Basics
  • Historical Foundation
  • Current Educational Policy
  • Flashcard: Education Policy
  • Test Your Knowledge
#3   Online Learning
  • Foundation of Online Learning
  • Software for Online Learning
  • Flashcard: Online Learning
  • Test Your Knowledge
#4   Teacher Ethics
  • Six Key Principles
  • Flashcard: Teachers Ethics
  • Test Your Knowledge
#5   Thank You!
  • Course Feedback
Use This Template

Why Use this Education Training Template?

An efficient way to add, organize, & update information seamlessly

Professionally Designed
Professionally Designed

This template is designed by L&D specialists and it serves as the standardized framework for delivering online training programs. The template has been adjusted for maximum engagement and a higher course completion rate.

Rapid Course Development
Rapid Course Development

Create education training courses quickly using simple techniques. You just need to import your existing docs, videos, slides, audio, and PDF files. Develop courses through drag-and-drop and go live in record time. Create a course once and reuse it multiple times.

Ease of Customization
Ease of Customization

Our education training plan template offers a supporting structure for users to build a course from the ground up. They can easily add, edit, update, or simply delete any of the information any time they want. Change the cover image and layout, and edit or add chapters effortlessly.

Anytime, Anywhere
Anytime, Anywhere

Provide your course participants access to online training anytime and from anywhere. This education training plan template works across PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is also compatible with all browsers and operating systems.

Time & Cost-Saving
Time & Cost-Saving

Minimize your course development time and associated costs through a templated course creation process. Just add custom content to the template, personalize it with branding, and you’re good to go.

Training Consistency
Training Consistency

Ensure consistency in training by using the same standardized template to deliver the same information every time. Get over the chances of duplication of effort and communicating divergent information.

How To Use This Template

Why Create Online Education Training?

Online learning has found its way into the education system, courtesy of rapid digitization. Online education training offers a convenient way to earn credits, acquire an internationally recognized certificate, or advance one’s career without physically attending classes.

It enables teachers to acquire new job-related skills and competencies. Likewise, they can easily develop subject-specific training courses online and share them with students instead of giving running notes in class.

Such training benefits academicians, students, and part-time professionals.

Personalize with images, presentations, & videos

Online training courses created with the help of this beautifully designed education template are highly informative and engaging. You can easily customize the course content according to your training objectives. You can add relevant images, videos, presentations, and graphics. These features ensure that your education training courses are practical, concise, and engaging, helping your learners learn better. You can easily brand your training course by adding a logo, color schemes, and messaging.

How to Use this Training Template

It is easy to create professional online education training courses with ProProfs’ template. Build training courses on any topics or subjects. Brand the online education training courses by adding your company logo or unique designs. Embed quizzes and surveys to check knowledge retention, gather feedback, and keep learners engaged from start to end. Track their progress with the help of advanced reporting features. Easily grade and certify your learners upon their completion of a course. There’s no need for software installation.

What Makes Our Online Education Training the Best?

The exceptional features and benefits that attend our online education training make it a better choice than others.

  • The template is a natural fit for delivering training for all audience types and skill levels.
  • The engaging and learner-friendly pacing of the course you develop out of it relieves learners from the unnecessary burden of information overload.
  • Smart use of multimedia makes training visually appealing. It caters to all learning styles and preferences and facilitates better retention of information.
  • Embed quizzes and surveys to assess understanding and fetch feedback for further course improvement.
  • Reports help you track each learner’s progress, information recap, and comprehension.
  • Simple layout and design offer ease of navigation to learners.
  • Best alignment, composition, color, and typography standards enable you to create personalized courses that appeal to learners aesthetically and offer 100% visual literacy.
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