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Create beautiful education courses using highly customizable education training template. Build and publish courses for educators on topics like effective teaching practices, online teaching and more. Use the template to create academic courses on subjects like physics, mathematics, life sciences, language and more. Template works equally great for graduates and students. This professionally designed template matches the best aesthetic prototypes and typography standards. You can easily track your courses and students' progress with reporting features.

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Why create online education training?

Online education training is created to offer a convenient way of acquiring either an internationally recognized certification course or any other for professional growth without physically attending classes on campus. Adding new job-related skills and competencies to the existing workforce are other examples of education and training which is catered to by such education training courses available online.

Online methods of education have also found their way into the education system followed in schools and colleges, courtesy of the overpowering influence of digitization. Teachers can easily develop subject-specific training courses online and share them with the students instead of giving running notes in class.

Such courses benefit both the academicians, students as well as part-time working professionals. Similar online education courses come handy when one needs to develop added job skills and work proficiency.

Personalize with images, presentations, and videos

Online training courses created with the use of a beautifully designed education template, offer a highly informative and engaging course content which can be customized according to the training objectives. You can also personalize training content by adding relevant images, aesthetically elegant designs, videos, presentations, and more. These features ensure that your education training courses are practical, concise and engaging, helping your learners train and learn better. You can easily brand your training course by adding logos and color schemes.

How to use online education training course template?

It is easy to create professional online education training courses with the use of ProProfs education training template. Training courses on different topics or subjects are easily created using the same template over and over again. Brand the online education training courses by adding your company logo or standard designs. Embed quizzes and surveys to monitor the progress made by each student and keep them engaged with the content. Now easily grade and certify your every learner upon their successful completion of the course. Track their progress with the help of advanced reporting features. Software installation is also not needed.

What makes our online education training better?

The exceptional features and benefits of our online education training create an increased dependency on the instructors and learners.

Learn more about these exceptional features and benefits:

  • Course content must encourage a natural fit for learning instead of generic study modules to engage the trainees easily.
  • The engaging and learner-friendly pacing of the course relieve the learners from the unnecessary burden.
  • Smart use of multimedia in online training courses offer visually engaging market insights and data-rich content.
  • Presentation of the course content with images, videos, and other visual elements facilitate better retention of information for the learners.
  • Embed quizzes and surveys and fetch training feedback for further course improvement.
  • Reports easily track the learner’s progress, information recap, and evaluate their level of understanding.
  • The online training courses with simple design offer ease of navigation to the learners from anywhere and anytime.
  • Instructors can create training courses that match different learning styles with the smart use of multimedia.
  • Online finance training facilitates the learning process with integrations like Google Analytics and more.
  • Alignment, composition, color and typography standards create personalized courses that appeal to learners aesthetically and offer 100% visual literacy.
  • Students gain the much-needed knowledge and data support in the form of online education training.

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